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Ornithologists prepare unique nature strolls for the blind

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Prague, July 31 (CTK) – The Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO), with support of the Environment Ministry, has prepared a series of strolls for the blind who learn to identify the voices of birds and other sounds of nature, Evzen Tosenovsky, from the CSO, has said.

At the same time, the ornithologists are learning from the blind how to lead such walks within a pilot project.

The first stroll took place in Prague and another one is prepared in Zlin, south Moravia, tonight, while others will follow in Olomouc and Prerov, both north Moravia, and Prague again.

The blind and other visually impaired have a great advantage in identifying the sounds of nature as they are able to better concentrate on the sound perception and distinguish sound details, which is extremely important to correctly identify birds and especially bats.

A special technical equipment, an ultrasound detector, is needed to identify bat species. “The blind participants in the strolls will be able to try this,” said Tosenovsky, who deals with research and protection of birds and bats.

The CSO’s pilot project connects the popularisation of sciences with social problems of the visually impaired.

They have expressed a high interest in the strolls to follow the voices of birds. “The first two walks were fully booked in advance,” the CSO said in a press release.

Katarina Slabeyova, who is in charge of public events in the CSO, called on individuals as well as organisations working with the visually impaired to help organise the nature strolls in the best possible way.

They will be followed by a workshop for their organisers that will be attended by an expert on communication with the blind. The ornithologists will also create a manual for the identification of birds in the Braille writing system.

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