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Czech News in English » Life » Technical Museum displays photographs from Middle East

Technical Museum displays photographs from Middle East

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Prague, Dec 1 (CTK) – The first large exhibition of photographs from the Middle East by Czech authors of the 19th and 20th centuries will be held in the National Technical Museum (NTM) in Prague from December 2 to January 22, 2015, museum general director Karel Ksandr told reporters Tuesday.

The display entitled “Grains of Sand” mapping 100 years of photographing the Middle East was prepared by the NTM in cooperation with the Academy of Performing Arts (AMU).

It presents photographs taken in Palestine, Egypt, Syria and other Middle-east regions by professional photographers as well as Czech scientists and travellers, such as Jaroslav Petrbok, Karel Maly Tatransky and Otylie Mala Tatranska, and local authors.

“The displayed photographs have also a documentary value since many of the photographed places look different now,” Ksandr said.

The exhibition was prepared by curators Libor Jun and Tereza Kaburkova who is also the author of the new blow-ups from the authors´ original negatives.

The series by Karel Hajek from Egypt under president Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1958 cannot hide the ideological subtext.

The black-and-white photographs depict local inhabitants as well as pyramids, camels, stone buildings, omnipresent sand and harbours. They enable to take a look into the history of sites where many nations and nationalities lived, ancient landmarks and sacred places of three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The exhibition was created thanks to the photographs and negatives stored in the Archive of the National Museum.

“Most of the Czech photographers have left behind pictures reflecting their own view of the changeable, but still fascinating Oriental world of the Middle East,” NTM spokesman Adam Dusek said.

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