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Czech News in English » Life » Przewalski's horse stallions to be taken from Europe to China

Przewalski’s horse stallions to be taken from Europe to China

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Prague, May 2 (CTK) – Stallions of the rare Przewalski’s horse will be transported from Europe to China in order to refresh their local breeding, according to a cooperation agreement Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek has signed in China, he told CTK.

Bobek signed the agreement with the Xinjiang Przewalski Wild Horse Breeding and Research Center (WHBC), which breeds the horses and returns them to the wild in the Karamaily nature reserve.

For a long time, the Prague zoo has organised the return of the Przewalski’s horses to the wild in Mongolia’s Gobi B National Park.

Another four mares are supposed to leave Europe for Mongolia in July.

The agreement with the Chinese centre offers new opportunities.

“It has promoted our activities to a new level, I am very happy,” Bobek said.

The transfers of horses to Mongolia will continue until there are enough of them, he said.

In cooperation with the Czech military, the zoo has transported 19 Przewalski’s horses to Mongolia in the past years. Out of them, 17 are alive. In addition, the imported horses have 12 offspring.

About 130 Przewalski’s horses live in the Gobi B reserve, which was the destination of the last four transports from Prague.

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