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UNESCO body for Leoš Janáček archive’s memory register entry

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Brno, Nov 2 (CTK) – The UNESCO’s international advisory committee recommended in October that the Leos Janacek archive, kept by the Moravian Regional Museum in Brno, be entered in the Memory of the World Register, the museum’s deputy director Eva Pankova told CTK on Thursday.

She said this is a significant and prestigious award.

The Leos Janacek Archive is a documentary fund including the heritage of one of the world’s greatest 20th-century composers and many other documents added to it after Janacek’s death in 1928.

With a few exceptions, the archive contains manuscripts of all compositions by Janacek, who was born in Hukvaldy, north Moravia, in 1854, and also authorised copies and other documents, such as lyrics manuscripts, literary and expert studies, and Janacek’s notebooks and library.

A package of Janacek’s letters, consisting of 14,000 items, is of crucial importance.

Many documents in the archive offer a valuable reflection of the then cultural, social and political life.

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