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Don’t Miss: Circus fest, cavern reading and swing in Stromovka

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Table of Contents

MOVIES: The Dead Don’t Die (2019)
After idyllic Paterson, Jim Jarmusch returns to the screens with a freshly-made zombie comedy, The Dead Don’t Die. The cast involves actors familiar to the viewers from Jarmusch’s previous movies, such as Adam Driver, who changed his career of a bus driver to this of a police officer, and Tilda Swinton, who, from a vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive turned into a zombie fighter. Premiering on the 4th of July, the movie is available in Kino Aero, Bio Oko, and Světozor, as well as Cinema City theaters. The trailer of the movie can be watched here.

MARKETS: Lobster Market Vol. 1
The first edition of this market will take place in Lobster creative space in Prague 7 both on Saturday and Sunday. The visitors will be able to purchase second-hand clothes, prints, zines and wooden toys created by aspiring artists. The event will be accompanied by the music of local DJs. Visit the website or Facebook for more information. 

LITERATURE: Psuedo Secret Cavern Reading 
On Saturday, the cave at Havlíčkovy Sady will be invaded by… poets! Their aim is quite benevolent – to read poetry, to drink wine, and listen to music in the candlelight. Everyone is welcome to join and to share the poetic experience or to simply enjoy the evening and the beautiful views of the garden. Link to Facebook event.

MUSIC & CHILL: Summer Sunset Trip: NRMN at Containall Stalin
For those, who would want to watch a Saturday sunset under the Prague metronome listening to immersive techno by Ankali-based artist NRMN, Stalin would be the right place to go. Link to Facebook event.

LEISURE: Sunday Soup Summer Sessions. START. 
This event is organized by Prague Central Camp together with Žižkovšiška. Opening on the 7th of July, it will take place every upcoming Sunday till the 1st of September. The program involves music performances, as well as a wide selection of food, drinks, and sports activities. The venue is great for spending time with family and friends alike. Here is more information.
DANCE: Swing at Gauč ve Stromovce
On Sunday, the space of Gauč ve Stromovce will turn into a dance floor, where everyone interested, can get a free swing lesson, or simply improvise! Rhythms of swing, summer vibes, and dancing – what can be a better way to finish the week and to get ready for a new one?

OUTSIDE OF PRAGUE: Circus Culture Fest 2019 at Beach Park Mlékojedy
If you are considering taking a trip outside of Prague, Beach Park Mlékojedy might be a good idea. Located within an hours’ drive from the capital, this recreation area hosts a circus festival from Friday, July 5th till Sunday, July 7th. The visitors are invited to view acrobatic and theatrical performances, participate in juggling workshops, and enjoy the beach with its camping site, volleyball ground, bars, and lively yet relaxed atmosphere. 

About the author:
Narmin is a literature student from Baku, Azerbaijan, for whom moving to the Czech Republic has become a great source for inspiration.

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