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It’s a great time to fund us

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Dear Readers,

Our new website is getting ready, our format will also change, but we are a bit short for paying for it all. We have asked our readership to help us drive a fundraiser with a goal of CZK 500,000. This would pay for our technology, portal and software upgrades. We are in the process of migrating onto the new site and then choosing the format for the daily mailer.

Since the fundraiser started we have raised a little over CZK 50k. So we will start to blitz our readership as we know not everyone gets around to reading our little bundle of fun every morning.

Let’s take a step to get to 100k this week? We have challenged our long-time readers, our occasional viewers and our new subscribers to help us out so we can continue our service, on a functional platform – the old model, nearing twenty years old, is falling to pieces and we are barely able to publish each morning. Can we get CZK 500 from 1000 readers?

Our team is delighted by any small amount which is helping us get to our goal. Whether it is CZK 20 or CZK 1000, it is a move in the right direction. Our highest contributor was CZK 3000, several contributors send CZK 1000. Our lowest was CZK 20 and we thank them as well!

To contribute you can click on the banners on our website and mailer titled “Fund our upgrade.” Also we have made our bank account number available for those who prefer bank transfers:


If you would like an invoice please e-mail us at [email protected] with full details of what you would like. It is a subscription contribution, which our corporate readers can expense as a must-read corporate business publication!

We do thank everyone for helping us keep our project running and wish you a wonderful “little Friday.”

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