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Pic of the Day: Prague in photos

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Jeffrey Zajac lives in Nové Město with his wife Maria, and works at home as an attorney doing remote work for USA law firms.

“Because I work at home, I feel the need to get out and explore the city as much as I can. My flexible schedule allows me to roam the streets at different times of the day and night. Whether I’m riding my bicycle on the river to Podoli Stadion
to swim, or going to concerts or restaurants all around the city, or participating in the wonderful Wednesday night walks led by Eva Poláková of Internations, I keep my eyes open. While I love photographing details of the fantastic and diverse architecture of Prague, I also enjoy the little things, such as things scribbled on a wall, a bar bathroom, or an “old school” storefront. There’s no shortage of things to look at in the city, and I do my best to capture what I see and feel.”

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