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Czech News in English » Life » Prague exhibition highlights history, culture of Tibet

Prague exhibition highlights history, culture of Tibet

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Prague, March 13 (CTK) – A new exhibition in Prague’s Naprstek Museum focuses on the history and culture of Tibet, presenting items from the museum collections that never went on display before, such as a gold-plated statuette of Goddess Tara, ritual musical instruments and temple paintings.

The exhibition also includes panels in the museum yard with photos cameraman Josef Vanis took during his tour of Tibet in the mid-1950s.

“For us, Tibet is a land that is interesting, often mentioned, but still rather mysterious, and its thousand-year history is not well known,” Michal Lukes, director of the National Museum of which the Naprstek Museum is a part, told journalists on Monday.

He said the exhibition acquaints the visitors with the history of Tibet, its culture and religion, as well as the role of the Dalai Lama as an active social protagonist, relations between Manchu emperors and Tibetan Dalai Lamas and other historical aspects.

The exhibition presents about 300 items coming from Tibet and the surrounding regions influenced by the Tibetan culture.

“The most interesting items include a Tibetan Buddha painting from the 18th century, a portrait of a high-ranking monk, which comes from a summer seat of the Manchu emperors from the Qing dynasty, and a wonderful decorated and gold-plated statue of Goddess Tara,” the author of the exhibition, Helena Heroldova, said.

The exhibition will be accompanied by complementing programmes for adults and children.

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