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Day thirty of the quarantine: an experience

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Table of Contents

It is hardly an understatement by contending that I have had enough lock-down. Thirty days have passed and I have left our apartment area twice, my family zero. There is nobody we can legally visit. I want to support the efforts to minimize the spread of the new Coronavirus, I support our vulnerable population which possibly includes me. Even Boris went into intensive care and he looks decent compared to some of us, not to mention being surrounded by the best care the taxpayer’s money can buy. The taxing effective of being lock-in with a lovely wife and kids is just too high: I NEED OUT!

Today the depression has set in. I don’t know if it is the realization that toiling away on a project in the bedroom all day has limited self-realization values. Perhaps it is the fact that the day is a lot longer than I had ever imagined; managing to travel to work, multi-task some projects, get in a tasty lunch, put out some “fires” and still keep a smile on for my evening family time seems like children’s play. Most certainly the biggest contributor is that there will be no easy way out of this situation, and the return to normalcy will begin with all the less pleasant parts of the day. They ain’t openin’ the pubs up first! Lastly, if your partner is on the cautious side, there will be a nervousness about doing anything for months to come. This is very individual, but there are lots of people like us, they haven’t really left their apartments. That is the scariest part of it all for me.

My parents are starting to realize that they may not make it over the ocean this year. We are starting to realize that there will likely be no family super-trip to see our other grandma and great-grandma. My friends, scheduled to arrive at the end of May from America, are super very unlikely arriving at all. Summer vacation in Moravia is about the only thing I see on the horizon, and that’s hardly a strong shining light!

As if someone wanted to send a sign that things may again return to the good ole’ days, our little pre-school owner called today and asked if we would be ready to send our child back at the beginning of May? I said yes immediately before adding in that I need to consult my better half. What about summer? When I asked him if he wanted to keep him during the evening as well, he didn’t laugh. Nobody ever gets my jokes, but the hope I was looking for came in the form of a telephone call.

I decided to take things into my own hands and start calling around too. Tomorrow I have added several tasks to my list: 1) Change the tires to summer rubber, well I mean order the change. 2) Call my hair lady to see if we can organize a secret haircut. 3) start running. They are three simple tasks, but it will get me out and jumpstart the return to a mobile life. Looking back, I should have done all those things 30 days ago, when the superman bloggers were giving us advice on how to survive the home-office.

One great thing I had time to do was help get our Facebook pages running again. It was a year ago that we lost the pages to an unfortunate situation. We started them again last weekend and I invite everyone to join and comment on stories and things that may interest you. It will take some time to set them up correctly and align them to the new webpages and newspaper software. I trust our IT team will take care of that.

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So with the day closing, the kids being good, no disasters and some small signs of society opening up again on the horizon, I close out day 30 and wish you all the best as we come down the backstretch of the race. Stay strong folks!

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