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Prague exhibition shows 13 naked women

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Prague, Aug 17 (CTK) – A three-day exhibition in Prague dubbed Voayer shows 13 naked women mostly in submissive positions, some of whom the visitors, who must be over 18, can touch in gloves, to get people acquainted with less usual sexual practices, its organiser Mario Petreje told CTK before its opening on Thursday.

“This naturally evokes the idea to prepare an exhibition of naked men or naked men and women. It comes later,” Petreje said in an interview with CTK.

He has already selected a venue of another exhibition of this kind outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia where the first two were staged, he added.

When the Voayer event was opened in Bratislava last year, a legal complaint was filed on suspicion of trafficking in women, procurement and corrupting the morals of youth.

However, the police did not launch prosecution, Petreje said.

The faces of the naked models at the exhibition are often covered with masks. Some of them wear leather dig-collars. One woman with devil’s horns on her head is sitting in a cage and another one is hanging on thick ropes. Two women are tied up to an X-shaped pillory.

Apart from submissive positions, there is also a dominant woman holding a scourge and another one kneeling at her feet.

Petreje said all models performed there voluntarily. He was seeking them on the Internet. The interest was higher than the capacity of the display, he added.

Thirty-nine women will rotate at the exhibition during three days. Each model has her personal bodyguard.

Visitors to the show must follow strict rules. They are allowed to take pictures, but must not use video-cameras.

The previous Voayer exhibition in Slovakia lasted 12 hours and welcomed 700 people. The Prague show will last 18 hours in total divided into three days.

Tickets to the exhibition can be booked via the Internet. One costs 669 crowns.

It is not sold out yet, Petreje said.

A total of 2400 people can see the exhibition, up to 200 at once in one tour. They can spend maximally 1.5 hours at the event. They will get gloves in which they can touch selected models softly or caress them.

If a woman visiting the exhibitions wants to get undressed, too, the organisers will enable it upon an agreement.

More women than men visited the first show in Slovakia, while men prevailed in the first tour in Prague on Thursday, Petreje said.

The exhibition also offers tools for the BDSM erotic practices involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.

Jana Smiggels Kavkova, director of the Czech Women’s Lobby, said she had no problems with the exhibition.

“The entry is from the age of 18, it is for people who like SM (sadomasochism) practices… I have no problem with such an event for a specific audience. It always depends on the context,” she told CTK.

However, she criticised the exhibition of nude photographs of women in the Czech Science Academy (AV) Library within the Week of Science and Technologies in 2015. It stirred up protests by the Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Congress of Women that called it sexist. In reaction to the criticism, the library decided to terminate it.

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