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Munich Agreement to go on display in reconstructed Czech museum

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Prague, Feb 19 (CTK) – An exhibition highlighting the history of Czechoslovakia will be the first in the historical building of Prague’s National Museum after its reconstruction this autumn, to open on October 28, Czechoslovakia’s birth centenary, and show key historical documents including the original Munich Agreement.

The museum told CTK on Monday that the originals of other crucial documents related to the birth of Czechoslovakia in 1918 and its further history until its split into two successor states in 1992 will also be on display.

The documents include the Pittsburgh Agreement, the Czechoslovak ratifications of the treaties of Versailles, Saint-German and Trianon, the Viennese award treaty and the document known as Hacha-Hitler protocol.

Emil Hacha became Czechoslovak president in late 1938 and held the post during the wartime Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

The organising National Museum and the Slovak National Museum, helped by the Czech Foreign Ministry and the Czech and Slovak culture ministries, have gained the consent of Germany, the USA and France to put the documents on display.

“This is a fantastic international success. Never before had the National Museum a chance to put so extensive a set of crucial documents related to modern Czech and Slovak history on display,” its director Michal Lukes said.

The exhibition, jointly prepared by the National Museum and the Slovak National Museum, will be presented at the Bratislava Castle from April 26 to September 9 and subsequently, it will be the former museum’s first exhibition after a several-year reconstruction of its historical building in the centre of Prague.

The Prague display will be symbolically opened on October 28, 2018, when 100 years will have elapsed since the establishment of Czechoslovakia.

Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnicky announced the planned lending of the Munich Agreement original document by Berlin after meeting his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel last week.

Based on the Munich Agreement, signed by the leaders of Germany, Italy, Britain and France on September 30, 1938, Czechoslovakia was forced to cede its fortified border regions with prevailing German population to Hitler’s Germany.

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