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June 1st: A Day at the Horseraces with Children

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Table of Contents

Spring weather has finally broken and summer fun is on everyone’s mind. There are hills, forests, pools and cycling. A Picnic in the wild or a coffee in a village square. Looking for something different? A day at the horses?

On June 1st, the Velka Chuchle horserace track is hosting a children’s day at the races. There are a broad range of activities planned. For example: free pony rides, an outdoor children’s playground, some indoor children’s activities, competitions with prizes and “Racing English” a free picture booklet available at the raceshop intended for children. There are interesting things to keep the minors engaged and not distract the adults from picking the winner of the next race.

Not only are the activities fun for the kids, but it takes the edge off a traditional adult activity. Many people bring their children to play together and have fun, and the adults can be focused on other endeavors. After racking in a big win there is a nice restaurant the family can go to for lunch and celebrate. So the amenities are complete and one needs to plan nothing.

Velka Chuchle is a village at the southern edge of the city of Prague. The S7 train, leaving from the main train station, stops at Smichovske train station and then stops directly outside of the racetrack, at stop Velka Chuchle. This is the most convenient way to the racetrack, taking only about 10 minutes. There is also the 244 bus from Smichovske train station stopping at Velka Chuchle. One may drive to the racetrack, pay 100Kc for parking and have the comfort of bringing the whole family right to the gates of the races.

Admission is very reasonable. General admission is 590Kc for the whole family, while holders of the Litacka annual DPP pass have free admission. There are several variables for singles and combinations, but it is not expensive. A day out in fresh air watching horses gallantly running in circles. There is a program to be had as well as some bets to be made. For betting on horses there are currently some complications. According to the Dostihy Velka Chuchle facebook pages, the company that runs the betting has not managed to obtain the necessary permission from the Czech Authorities. None-the-less, bets are being taken on premises by the Tipsport office, which requires registration. Currently, the Facebook pages state that regular betting may resume on June 1st, children’s day.

The racetrack at Velka Chuchle has a long tradition. Opening in 1906 the racetrack was a famous attraction during the first republic. Surviving wars and governments not entirely open to capitalist traditions like gambling, the current controlling owner, Czech Property Magnate Radovan Vitek, has pledged investments and an overall plan for the future of the racetrack. So the future looks promising. Mixing traditions with family and friends is nearly always pleasant and this tradition’s webpages are available in English. Any information not covered in this piece can be found at

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