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Prague zoo has first silver gibbon born in Czech Republic

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Prague, July 29 (CTK) – A silver gibbon (Hylobates moloch) young was born in Prague’s zoological garden during the night being the first offspring of the most endangered primate born in the Czech Republic, the zoo’s press department has told CTK.

Its parents are female Alangalang and male Flip, both ten years old, whom Prague acquired last year. They both take excellent care of their young, the zoo said.

Alangalang came to Prague from Howletts, England, and Flip from Munich.

“Since the very beginning, the two gibbons have been fond of one another and they started mating. Right one of the first matings was successful and after seven-month pregnancy, Alangalang gave birth to her fist young during the night,” the zoo wrote.

The primates’ curator Vit Lukas said she was watching the breeding by several of her young siblings, which allowed her to correctly clean her young after birth and she keeps carrying it on her stomach.

“She is calm and has no problem feeding herself also in the presence of the breeders, she does not look like a primipara at all. Flip is very cautious and he only moves close to her and keeps an eye on them,” Lukas said.

In the wild, silver gibbons live on Java. In the whole world, with the exception of the wild, only about 60 specimens live. The silver gibbon came to the Czech Republic last year for the first time.

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