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Czech News in English » Life » Arts » Prague museum gains hundreds of Japanese posters

Prague museum gains hundreds of Japanese posters

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Prague, Sept 21 (CTK) – The Dai Nippon Printing Japanese company has donated an extensive collection of Japanese posters to the Museum of Decorative Arts (UPM) in Prague, its spokeswoman Jana Ulipova told CTK Monday.

The company gave 1140 posters to the UPM on the basis of their long-term cooperation. The whole collection will be presented at a press conference on Wednesday.

It comprises the works by three renowned Japanese graphic designers, Ikko Tanaka, Shigeo Fukuda and Kazumasa Nagai, from the 1970s until the end of the 20th century.

The UPM houses not only collections of period furniture, small utility items, china and glass, but also a collection of graphic art and photography, including posters.

Its collection of 45.000 posters is one of the richest of its kind in Europe. It mainly focuses on Czech works, but it also includes French and German posters as well as those created by Art Nouveau artist Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), who lived and worked in Paris.

The museum has both posters by famous artists and those made by advertising agencies and commercial authors as well their original drafts.

Donations are an important source of the museums’ acquisitions.

The UPM recently obtained works by photographer Ivan Lutterer (1954-2001) from his inheritance, the unique collection of drawings and prints “Le Pater” (Lord’s Prayer) by Mucha and a series of photographs by Josef Koudelka.

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