Prague, July 1 (CTK) – Only 7 percent of Czechs consider the newly appointed minority government of a good option, but most people (59 percent) do not oppose this option and half of the people (49 percent) do not mind that the Communists (KSCM) will support the government, according to the latest Kantar TNS poll.

The public broadcaster Czech Television (CT), which presented the poll results on Sunday, said 28 percent were against the new government of ANO leader Andrej Babis and 42 percent do not like that the government relies on support from the KSCM.

The cooperation with the Communists (KSCM) is opposed the most strongly by voters of the right-wing opposition Civic Democrats (ODS; 84 percent) and the Pirates (74 percent), but also a small part of ANO (26 percent), CSSD (19 percent) and KSCM (16 percent) followers were against it.

One fourth (24 percent) of the voters of Tomio Okamura (Freedom and Direct Democracy, SPD) oppose this cooperation.

The ANO-CSSD minority government is unpopular especially among voters of the ODS, the SPD and the Pirates.

The Chamber of Deputies will deal with the confidence vote in the new government at its session on July 11.