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Political scientist: Refugee wave cannot stop by itself

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Prague, Oct 3 (CTK) – The refugee influx will not stop by itself, but it will have to be stopped, and even violence will have to be used, Czech political scientist living in Germany, Petr Robejsek, said in an interview issued by daily Pravo on Saturday.

“An unknown but considerable part of the migrants, let’s say at least one fourth, poses a risk of varied intensity. From ‘sleepers’ sent by terrorist organisations to those who won’t succeed in Europe and will lapse into religious radicalisation or simply crime,” he said.

Robejsek said most of the migrants will have to come to terms with low-paying jobs or even with living on welfare in Germany, which will not meet the expectations they had, and they will either get reconciled with the situation or react negatively in some way.

Given the insidious war waged by the terrorist against the Western civilians, one should be more than careful: it seems better to have more mistrust than is necessary than to lose one’s life due to one’s carelessness, he said.

He said the rather decadent Western society will not be able to pacify and assimilate the foreign cultural influences and it will be further destabilised by them.

Robejsek said the migration crisis shows once again that the European Union creates a lot of all-European institution, but does not function in crisis situations. This could be seen in energy policy in case of the strategically important project of the Nabucco pipeline that failed due to the EU’s incapability to act as one, he said.

He mentioned the failure to cope with the euro zone crisis as another example.

“I have been saying for years that the European states differ too much from one another to be able to operate in unison,” Robejsek told the paper.

He said the EU is just an instrument that should bring more profit to its members than if they acted separately. If the EU fails to do this, it is pointless and should be reduced to a level, on which it is useful – the common market, he added.

This situation is caused mainly by a lack of European patriotism – common people do not identify with the EU because the European integration has been a project of the elites from the very beginning, Robejsek said. The elites created European institutions and standards and they arrogantly overlooked what ordinary people thought and wanted, he added.

When people see that the elites are not interested in their problems, a political demand is created and it will undoubtedly be satisfied. It is pointless to ask whether we like or dislike those who want to satisfy it, Robejsek said. Marine Len Pen would have never had a chance of succeeding, if the traditional parties in France respected the average citizen, he pointed out.

The established parties and media elites believe that people will not vote for a party if they label it “far-right” or “populist,” Robejsek said. However, such negative labels work as a recommendation. The “bad” populists do the unpleasant work that should have been done by the established parties, he said.

He said he can see no imminent threat of such an extremist party becoming popular in the Czech Republic, but this can change if the migration influx in Europe is not stopped.

If the refugee influx will not be stopped soon, the EU will force the Czech Republic to accept more and more migrants, Robejsek told Pravo.

The approval of the mandatory quotas was just a populist gesture of the strong Western countries so that they could tell their citizens that they forced the other states to accept migrants too, Robejsek said.

This was a typical European “solution”: to do little or even nothing to remove a problem, but only collectistically redistribute its consequences, he pointed out.

This so-called European solidarity worked the same even when Greece was being rescued: instead of forcing Greece out of the euro zone and letting it start again with a new currency, the costs of the saving mission were divided among other countries, Robejsek said.

Instead of neutralising people smugglers, migrants are distributed among European states, he said.

Europe should have closed its borders and it will do so sooner or later anyway, he added.

Robejsek said the Czech armed forced should be quickly transformed into an army that prevents disturbance and is capable of protecting the state border.

“I have no doubts that the vast majority of the population would be willing to bear the related increased costs. I can’t understand why the Czech politicians do not act faster and more resolutely here,” he said.

He criticised the Czech government for not vetoing the introduction of refugee quotas.

He said Czech politics seemed to be unable to get rid of its traditional servile syndrome, which means that it does not dare to say “No” even in issues that are crucial for the national security and identity.

When asked about radicalisation of the Western societies and extremist actions of its citizens, he said the cause and effect should not be forgotten. It is first of all the migrants themselves who bring violence to Europe, he said.

“The European governments did not meet the duty of securing their territories. The secret services of the Western countries have warned about the risk of a migration wave for a long time,” Robejsek said.

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