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Slovak press: Anti-Zeman not sufficient to beat Zeman

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Bratislava, Jan 27 (CTK) – It does not suffice to field an “anti-Zeman” against incumbent President Milos Zeman to succeed, the Slovak media outlets wrote on Saturday on the Czech presidential election runoff, in which Zeman defended his post, beating academic Jiri Drahos.

Zeman managed to win also thanks to his immense political experience, they say.

Dennik N writes that after Zeman’s re-election the Czech Republic is moving toward Hungary and Poland, while Slovakia remains an island of pro-European orientation in Central Europe.

“The opponents of the current Lord of Prague Castle (seat of Czech kings and presidents) have lost their chance. They miscalculated it, choosing wrong an ‘anti-Zeman.’ Not in a single moment of the presidential duel, Drahos managed to persuade voters that he possessed the features of a political leader,” the portal writes.

It adds that to be able to beat the political veteran and champion in bon mots, Zeman, a presidential candidate must have the gift of eloquence. However, the TV debates proved that Drahos lacked both a rhetoric talent and his won opinion.

“Not to be Milos Zeman is not enough to beat him,” daily Pravda writes, adding that before the key second round, Drahos was unable to mobilise more undecided voters and primarily, he was not able to diminish the camp of Zeman’s voters.

Hospodarske noviny writes on its website that in the narrow battle for presidency, Zeman won thanks to his enormous political experience.

“Trifles decided on the final result. They occurred in the crucial TV debate on public Czech Television. Milos Zeman knew what it was about and this is why he had chosen the right tactic. He tried to make an impression of a moderate politician who realised his mistakes,” the daily writes.

“Zeman won eventually. His victory was neither clear nor sure definitely. The more decent part of the Czech Republic again managed to stand up for one candidate after five years and support him,” daily Sme writes on Drahos’s failure.

Denik says an opposite election result would be a big surprise.

The results of the last October general election (in which populist and protest parties scored success) indicated this, it says. There was a majority of voters who admired Zeman’s populism and his provoking fears, the daily adds.

“The victory of Milos Zeman, under the government of Andrej Babis, is moving the Czech Republic towards Poland and Hungary, and Slovakia is thereby becoming an island of pro-European orientation in the swamp of Central Europe for the moment,” a commentator of Dennik N writes.

Zeman’s election success confirms that the energy of the rebellion against liberal democracy is not losing momentum, though it is offering nothing new anymore.

The mobilisation before the presidential election was very strong, it adds.

“This is a fight that is being waged all over the West in various forms. This is a civilisation clash, while the Byzantine principle of the arrogant power cult of the Eastern type has just won in the Czech Republic,” the paper writes, adding that despite his election failure, Drahos has collected a social capital that will help the defeated part of Czech society to get its second breath.

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