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Pirates will not back ANO minority cabinet

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Prague, Oct 31 (CTK) – The Czech Pirates will not support a minority government of the election-winning ANO, Pirates’ chairman Ivan Bartos told journalists before a meeting with ANO representatives on Tuesday.

The Pirates also want to discuss the composition of public media councils in the Chamber of Deputies, saying they intend to prevent ANO chairman Andrej Babis from attempting to gain control of them.

Babis will not participate in the meeting in person, for he is meeting President Milos Zeman at the time.

Zeman announced on Tuesday that he assigned Babis to lead talk on a new cabinet. Zeman also supports the formation of a minority cabinet of ANO.

The Pirates, who entered the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Czech parliament, for the first time in history, gaining almost 11 percent of the vote, will not support ANO’s cabinet though.

“We do not intend to enter any coalition, we will not support a minority cabinet, not even with experts nominated by Babis or recommended by the president,” Bartos said.

“Now that we see there will be some kind of a struggle for the public media, for the Czech Television, which is ‘a thorn in the eye’ of the election winner, we need to prevent the strongest party from taking over the posts in the media councils,” Bartos said.

Bartos also wants to gain posts in the Chamber’s committees, namely in the security, education, public administration environment and European affairs committees.

The Pirates previously decided that they would support Radek Vondracek as ANO’s candidate for the lower house head. They would like to see ODS chairman Petr Fiala as the Chamber’s first deputy head.

It is a good thing that a committee for eGovernment might be founded in the new Chamber of Deputies, Bartos said after a meeting with ANO this afternoon.

The party does not want to be pushed into the position that it only understands this only thing, he added.

The party operates in the whole spectrum of human life, Bartos said.

“Digitation is one of the Pirates’ domains, but not the only one,” he added.

If the committee for the development of digitation in the civil service is formed, the Pirates are interested in the post of its head, Petr Vokral, negotiating for talks on the creation of a government for ANO, said.

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