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Dissatisfied ANO politicians form new movement

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Prague, June 2 (CTK) – Czech politicians who decided to leave regional branches of the ANO party will establish the PRO 2016 movement in Brno on Saturday that will run in the autumn regional elections, especially in the South Bohemian Region, its representative Radka Paulova has told CTK.

All 11 representatives of the group that has been preparing the constituent congress of the new movement, are politicians who left ANO of Finance Minister Andrej Babis in the past year.

“The reason is always the same. The internal communication of the ANO movement is rather despotic and democratic principles are not set there,” said Paulova, a local politician in Prachatice, south Bohemia.

There is no communication in ANO, merely orders, she added.

Babis dismissed the complaints about non-democratic decision making.

However, he admitted that ANO could have made mistakes in some regions. “It can’t be ruled out that even some of our colleagues, some local or regional branches made mistakes,” Babis said.

He said the PRO movement is being formed by people who did not succeed in becoming ANO candidates for the regional elections.

Thanks to such departures, ANO is getting rid of people who wanted to abuse it to gain power, Babis said previously.

Paulova said PRO 2016 will also include people who have not been active in politics until now.

She said the movement wants to promote the ideas that ANO originally promoted but later abandoned, such as support to small and medium-sized businesses and decentralisation of state administration.

Paulova said PRO 2016 will not focus on the general election scheduled for 2017, but on the local elections that will be held in 2018.

She said its branches will be established in the South Bohemian, South Moravian and Olomouc regions.

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