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Czechs’ trust in president, gov’t, lower house falls in March

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Prague, April 3 (CTK) – Czechs’ confidence in President Milos Zeman declined by 6 percentage points to 50 percent in March as against February, and their trust in the government, deputies and regional governors fell as well, according to a CVVM poll released on Wednesday.

Almost a half of the population are dissatisfied with the political situation in the country, the poll showed.

The cabinet of Andrej Babis, which lost parliament’s confidence vote in January and continues ruling pending the establishment of a new government, is trusted by 35 percent of people, compared with 38 percent in February.

Regional governors are trusted by 44 percent of people, the poll showed.

People put the highest trust in mayors (63 percent) and municipal assemblies (62 percent).

Forty-five of those polled said they trust regional assemblies.

The Senate is trusted by 32 percent and the Chamber of Deputies finished last with 27-percent trust.

Zeman’s popularity declined by 5 percent compared with a similar poll in March 2017.

On the other hand, regional assemblies and the Senate saw their popularity seven and four percent higher, respectively.

People’s trust in the other institutions has remained unchanged year-on-year.

Only 18 percent of the respondents said they are satisfied with the political situation, 30 percent are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and 49 percent expressed dissatisfaction.

The share of those dissatisfied has increased by 6 percent as against February, but it is 18 percent lower than in May 2017 when a political crisis was culminating in the country. Their present share is similar to that in March 2017, CVVM said.

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