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LN: Local politician depicts rivals as terrorism victims

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Prague, Aug 8 (CTK) – Czech municipal authority member Viktor Lostak has released his own photomontages in which local politicians who stand up for migrants are depicted as victims of fanatic Islamists, daily Lidove noviny (LN) wrote on Monday.

Lostak was elected to the Brno-Bystrc local authority in 2014 and now is running for the new ultra-right Freedom and Force party in the autumn regional election.

Most recently, he posted a photomontage on Facebook announcing that a son of Brno councillor Matej Hollan (Zit Brno) was murdered by terrorists. It features a picture of the Hollan family with a small caption at the bottom, saying it did not happen actually, but other people’s children have fallen victims to terrorism so far.

LN writes that in the past, Lostak added the faces of politicians and activists who back refugees to the corpses after a terrorist attack in a picture.

“We are leading a political campaign. We may succeed. We are a direct competitor of Zit Brno and the values they are importing here,” Lostak said.

“If they open the door to the people whom the West opened the door, it would bring the same result like in Nice and terrorism will be imported to our country,” Lostak told LN.

Activist Eva Zahradnickova, who has also appeared in one of Lostak’s photomontages, expressed indignation at Lostak’s activities. She said she would file a legal complaint against him.

“He made culprits, not victims of us. I naturally categorically reject this,” Zahradnickova said, adding that Lostak is a notorious xenophobe.

“Such a man has nothing to do in politics, not even on the regional level,” she added.

The Freedom and Force party is strictly opposed to migration and it is also sceptical of the anti-hatred legislation.

“We demand full freedom of speech. The laws against hatred must not be abused to restrict it,” the party writes on its website.

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