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Czechs assess Sobotka’s cabinet worse than year ago

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Prague, March 9 (CTK) – Czechs are mostly disappointed with the government of Bohuslav Sobotka, its work, communication, members and the prime minister alone, and they assess it considerably worse than last year in all aspects, according to a CVVM poll conducted in February and released on Thursday.

The centre-left coalition government is comprised of Sobotka’s Social Democrats (CSSD), ANO and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL).

Some 30 percent of respondents are satisfied with the government’s work, its communication with the public and the prime minister, while almost 60 percent are dissatisfied.

The public opinion about the government lineup is even more negative as 63 percent of people are dissatisfied with it and only 25 percent are satisfied.

The share of negative and positive assessments is almost the same only in the case of the government programme. Thirty-six percent of the polled are satisfied with it and 38 share the opposite view. However, more than a quarter of respondents were not able to assess the government programme at all.

A more detailed analysis has shown that the citizens who are interested in politics, trust the current government, are satisfied with the current political situation, consider themselves leftists and prefer the CSSD express satisfaction with the government much more often than the rest, the pollsters said.

On the contrary, the dissatisfied respondents are most often those who view the current political situation negatively, would definitely not go to elections, do not trust the government and other constitutional institutions and are right-wingers.

Compared with last year, people’s satisfaction with Sobotka has decreased the most of all monitored aspects, by 9 percentage points to 32 percent. The number of respondents dissatisfied with Sobotka has risen by 7 percentage points to 58 percent.

Czechs also assess the government programme, its work, lineup and communication with the public worse than last year.

The CVVM poll was conducted on a sample of 1023 respondents over 15 from February 6-19.

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