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Právo: Communists to be rewarded for tolerance of government

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Prague, May 10 (CTK) – Czech Communists (KSCM) may be rewarded for their tolerance of the nascent government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ ANO and the Social Democrats (CSSD) by some senior posts in state-run companies, daily Pravo wrote on Thursday.

This is mentioned in the Agreement on the Support for the Establishment and Tolerance of the Minority Government of ANO and the CSSD that is being drafted, Pravo writes, adding that it was provided access to it.

The agreement was drawn up by Communist leader Vojtech Filip who spoke about its content with President Milos Zeman.

“The parties agree that the KSCM has the right to propose the filling of some posts in order to fulfil its controlling role during the tenure of the tolerated government, especially in the internal and external controlling central bodies and directly managed organisations, depending on individual parts of the government policy statement,” the daily quotes from the agreement.

The relevant posts have not been specified. However, it is clear that these will be tens of posts in the controlling and supervisory bodies of firms and institutions such as those administered by the finance, agriculture, health and trade and industry ministries.

This may also cover the energy, water management and health insurance companies .

Filip was speaking about the party’s reservations about some government members, but the Communists do not want to propose their people to the government.

In the agreement, the Communists have pledged to tolerate the government and all of their 15 members of the Chamber of Deputies will raise their hands for the government in the confidence vote.

The Communists have also pledged not to prompt any no confidence motion. For this, 50 deputies are needed, while the government is toppled if 101 out of the 200 members of the lower house vote against it, the constitution says.

The proposed agreement includes a clause on a regular checking of its fulfilment. It is to be held twice a year or at the request of the parties in question.

However, before the confidence vote is to be staged, the government policy statement must include the points on which the partners and the Communists are ready to agree.

“We cannot reach a full programme compromise,” Filip said recently, adding that there was still disagreement in taxation and the partners have differing views of foreign and security policies.

The Communists are against the Czech Republic’s NATO membership, which is backed by both ANO and the Social Democrats.

Communist deputy Jiri Dolejs said there was, on the other hand, agreement in the question of indexation of the minimum wage and pensions and the provision of low-cost transport for children and the elderly.

“There is also the question of taxation of the property restituted to churches and the adoption of the general referendum law,” Dolejs said.

ANO has 78 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, while the CSSD and the KSCM have 15 seats each. Taken together, they can have a majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

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