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Prague Mayor Krnáčová for ANO MP Nacher to be her successor

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Prague, April 12 (CTK) – Prague Mayor Adriana Krnacova (ANO) minds it that the mayor bears responsibility even for things he or she cannot influence and that some politicians shun work, she has written in a letter explaining why she would not seek re-election in the autumn municipal polls.

In the letter addressed to ANO’s Prague branch, she supported the possible nomination of lawmaker and Prague assemblyman Patrik Nacher (for ANO) for mayor.

For Krnacova, the basic question was whether she wants to bear responsibility for the work of people whom she has not chosen for colleagues and with whose views she disagrees, but has to cooperate with them.

“I don’t like the people who assert that they are working but in fact they are only flowing with the stream, without any opinion or result of theirs. There are many of them in politics, mainly on the Prague level,” Krnacova wrote.

Her words reportedly irritated some members of ANO, but none of those addressed by CTK would specify those irritated.

“We will discuss the letter at our meeting on Monday,” the head of the ANO group in the City Assembly, Michal Hasek has told the seznamzpravy news server.

In her letter, Krnacova mentioned conflicts in the city coalition of ANO, the Social Democrats (CSSD) and the three-party alliance of the Greens, the Christian Democrats and the Mayors and Independents, which has a narrow majority of 33 seats in the 65-seat City Assembly.

Krnacova wrote that she wants to complete her four-year mandate.

Citing Krnacova, 57, daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) wrote on Thursday that she wants to completely leave politics and remain an ordinary member of the ANO movement, the far strongest party in parliament, whose leader Andrej Babis is conducting government-forming negotiations after his ANO minority cabinet lost a vote of confidence in parliament in January.

Recently, Krnacova faced criticism, also from Babis, over her controversial statements.

“I decided not to continue [in politics], she told MfD, arguing that she is tired and wants to spend more time with her family.

MfD mentioned speculations about Krnacova as Prague’s possible new ambassador to Germany, but she dismissed the information.

Nacher on Thursday welcomed Krnacova’s support for his possible candidacy for Prague mayor.

He previously said he would seek the post on three conditions, which are the ANO rank-and-file’s support and support from the ANO leadership, and “it must not be a duel against the current mayor.”

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