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Právo: Public Affairs party folds

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Prague, Aug 12 (CTK) – The Czech Public Affairs (VV) party, a member of the former centre-right coalition government in 2010-2012, ends, daily Pravo writes Wednesday, referring to the information from its last leader Jiri Kohout.

The party was cash-strapped and its former members started looking for posts in other parties, Pravo writes.

However, this is not the final end of the party as it will keep working as an association and run in local elections, it adds.

“There is a variety of reasons. The main is that we do not want to block the possibility of leaving elsewhere,” Kohout is quoted as saying.

Kohout said no one had wanted to give up the membership on their own.

“This is a matter of emotions. A group of people has stayed in it who have survived all the defamation, all the hateful campaigns,” Kohout said.

“It is difficult for all. But it is impossible to continue like this in the future,” he added.

Former party members will be still members of the Public Affairs-Association (VV-S), Kohout said.

It will be chaired by Olga Havlova, a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Kohout is now waiting for a decision of the Interior Ministry on the dissolution of the VV.

Kohout said no debts were supposed to remain after the VV.

“However, no one can tell you this with absolute certainty. Some erratic agreements can still surface,” he added.

The VV made its mark in the 2010 election to the Chamber of Deputies. The populist party won 10.9 percent of the vote. Then it formed a government along with the conservative TOP 09 and the right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS) that ruled until 2013.

The VV had three posts of ministers in it. However, disputes erupted in the VV, after which it left the government, while only its splinter party, called LIDEM, stayed in it.

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