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ODS: New government should make no major decisions

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Prague, Nov 14 (CTK) – The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) will propose to the Chamber of Deputies that it pass a resolution calling on the future government not to take any steps beyond the routine administration of ministries if it does not gain confidence in the Czech lower house, ODS leader Petr Fiala told CTK on Tuesday.

This government also should not make any unnecessary personnel changes, Fiala said.

The party also wants to propose a law that would seriously curtail the decision-making powers to the outgoing governments or those without confidence of the Chamber of Deputies, Fiala said.

Fiala said the proposal was due to ANO leader Andrej Babis forming a minority government without conducting any serious talks on a majority government.

The reasons include President Milos Zeman’s statements that if Babis fails to form a government at the first try, he would entrust him with more attempts and that he would not allow any early election, Fiala said.

Nothing seems to suggest that the “power pact” between Babis and Zeman will not continue, he added.

The Chamber of Deputies should ask the government not to make any vital decisions unless it gains the confidence, Fiala said.

“We do not want any repetition of the situation we know from the time of Jiri Rusnok’s caretaker government which ruled without confidence, while making serious decisions,” Fiala said.

Rusnok’s government was ruling between June 2013 and January 2014.

Without the confidence, the government should not take any steps beyond the routine administration of individual ministries, Fiala said.

“We will also ask the government not to make any unnecessary personnel changes, especially in security and intelligence services,” Fiala said.

Along with the resolution, the ODS will also propose a regulation that would considerably constrain a government without confidence, he added.

The head of the ODS deputy group, Zbynek Stanjura, said the parties’ lawyers were working on the bill.

“Such a regulation cannot be finished in a week. This is why we will take two steps, first the resolution asking the government to observe political manners. Second, we will draft the legislation,” Stanjura said.

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