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Record 31 parties apply for running in Czech general election

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Prague, Aug 15 (CTK) – Thirty-one election entities have applied for running in the October 20-21 Czech election to the Chamber of Deputies, which is the highest number in the history of the Czech Republic, CTK found out at regional offices where parties could submit their lists of candidates by 16:00 yesterday.

Twenty-four parties ran in the previous early general election in 2013.

Like in the past, some entities plan to run in selected regions only.

Nominations have been submitted by almost all current parties in the Chamber of Deputies, i.e. the Social Democrats (CSSD), ANO 2011, the Communists (KSCM), the Civic Democrats (ODS), TOP 09, the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), the Mayors and Independents (STAN) and Tomio Okamura’s new grouping Freedom and Direct Democracy.

These parties are running in all regions, as are the Czech Pirates Party, the Green Party and the Party of Free Citizens.

Some entities are running in a single region, for example in Prague, South Moravia or Moravia-Silesia.

Some entities, such as the parliamentary opposition Dawn – National Coalition, are not seeking re-election.

One the other hand, a number of brand-new entities will contest the 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament. They include the Realists, the re-established Civic Democratic Alliance (ODA) and some groupings founded by former representatives of other parties.

Some of the running groupings promote special goals, such as the Joyful Czechia movement struggling against the compulsory electronic registration of sales, the Society Against Developer’s Projects in (Prague’s) Prokopske udoli Valley, and the Union of Pride, Activity, Patriotism, Empathy and Humanity 2017, whose acronym reads Union H.A.V.E.L.17 and which is running in Prague and Central Bohemia only.

Out of the 14 regions, the one with the highest number of running entities is Prague. A total of 29 entities have submitted their lists in the capital city, which is eight more than four years ago.

Twenty-six entities are running in Central Bohemia, and 25 in each the South Moravia, Olomouc, Moravia-Silesia, Plzen, South Bohemia and Usti regions.

Twenty-four entities are running in the Vysocina and Zlin regions, 23 in the Pardubice and Liberec regions and 22 in the Hradec Kralove Region.

The number of running entities is the lowest, 20, in the Karlovy Vary Region.

This will come true if the submitted lists of candidates meet all requirements set by the election law.

The 13 regional offices and the City Hall of Prague, which has the status of a region, are bound to decide on the registration of the lists of candidates by September 1 at the latest.

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