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Bets are on for who will be the next president: Babis leads at 6.5:1

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Fortuna has launched the unofficial start of the next presidential election with its bookmakers calculating the odds of several possible candidates winning. The next elections are scheduled for April 2023 after Milos Zeman’s mandate will expire. The spokesperson for Fortuna released the information to CTK yesterday.

Very close to current Czech Premier Andrej Babis is Senator Pavel Fischer at 7:1 and General Petr Pavel at 8:1. Even Vaclav Klaus junior is seen as a good bet at 9:1, ahead of Klaus senior at 15:1. The past elections Jiri Drahos, who lost to Milos Zeman in the second round is also at 15:1.

Naturally there are some blasts from the past; often political comebacks can be most easily sought through the big single win strategy Czechia’s presidential elections offer. Mirek Topolanek at 100:1, Jiri Paroubek at 85:1 or Jaromir Jagr at 68:1. Let the betting begin!

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