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ANO, ČSSD experts to negotiate nine programme issues this week

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Prague, March 19 (CTK) – The teams of experts from the Czech ANO movement and the Social Democracy (CSSD) that have been negotiating on forming an ANO-CSSD government, will discuss nine programme issues including finance, foreign policy, agriculture and justice this week, ANO spokeswoman told CTK on Monday.

The spokeswoman, Lucie Kubovicova, said the expert teams have discussed public investments and domestic security and administration so far, and agreement was reached in both cases.

On Tuesday, talks about finances and financial management will follow, together with negotiations on foreign policy and the EU, agriculture, justice, welfare policy and transport.

On Wednesday, the ANO and the CSSD experts will negotiate about a joint programme in the education policy and the environment protection, and the digital Czechia programme is to be discussed on Thursday, Kubovicova said.

CSSD chairman Jan Hamacek said during the weekend that the two parties’ leaders will meet on Wednesday to discuss controversies, if any emerge, and also the division of ministries.

The CSSD wants to control five ministries, including one “power” ministry, which is either the ministry of interior or defence or justice, maybe also the foreign ministry, and it wants to focus on the sectors in which it can well promote its own programme, or on those where ANO faces a conflict of interests.

ANO has offered four ministries to the CSSD.

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