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TOP 09 leading politician Lukša establishes new party

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Ostrava, North Moravia, April 19 (CTK) – Pavol Lukša, who was TOP 09 deputy chairman until 2015, has left the now opposition party and established a new one, Dobra volba (Good Choice), because he cannot identify with TOP 09’s politics anymore, he told CTK on Tuesday.

Luksa announced his departure from TOP 09 at the end of March. He said then TOP 09, and especially its new leader Miroslav Kalousek, offered only attacks and aggressiveness, but proposed no solutions.

Luksa, 53, was among the group of Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) politicians who left the party along with its former chairman Kalousek in 2009 and formed TOP 09, which was headed by Karel Schwarzenberg until last year. He was KDU-CSL deputy chairman in 2005-2006 and TOP 09 deputy chairman in 2009-2015.

In 2004-2008, Luksa was deputy governor of the Moravia-Silesia Region. In 2012, he ran for the region’s governor but TOP 09 did not succeed in the election. He has been mayor of the small town of Celadna, north Moravia, for many years.

Luksa said his new party was officially registered earlier this month. Dobra volba would like to run in regional elections this autumn, he said.

He said about 200 people are ready to work for the new party. He indicated that Dobra volba would operate in his home region.

“We want to cooperate with anybody who wants to develop the Moravia-Silesia Region in some way,” Luksa said.

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