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Pirates want transparent Prague City Hall, better services

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Prague, May 20 (CTK) – The Czech Pirate Party will run in the autumn elections to the Prague Assembly with demands for a transparent City Hall, better services for families and a healthier city, its candidates told reporters on Sunday when the party launched its election campaign.

The Pirates also promise available education and public services for all and municipal flats where people in need and not prominent politicians would live.

Zdenek Hrib is the leader of the Pirates for the Prague election, followed by Adam Zabransky as number two on the list of candidates.

In the previous Prague elections, Pirates were running with the aim to control the City Hall from the opposition, which they also did, MP Jakub Michalek said.

“However, time has come to change these tactics and present a constructive vision how the capital should work,” Michalek said.

He added that the Pirates’ deputy group and their Prague assembly members would like to be one team.

He pointed to Prague’s current problems with the lack of accessible housing that should be solved on the levels of the state and the city. In this respect, the Pirate proposed the wording of a bill on airbnb and digitisation to facilitate the building law in the Chamber of Deputies, Michalek said.

He added that they also submitted a bill to restrict the plurality of offices at the City Hall. This is also why Michalek and his colleagues left the posts in the Prague leadership after being elected to the Chamber of Deputies.

Hrib also said he would like to focus on corruption as well as accessible housing, big transport investments and the school system.

If the Pirates succeeded in the municipal elections, they would be willing to negotiate on a coalition with all parties except for the Communists (KSCM) and the far-right anti-EU Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), Hrib told CTK previously.

The Pirates would mind cooperation with criminally prosecuted politicians, Hrib said, hinting at ANO chairman and PM Andrej Babis who is prosecuted on suspicion of an EU subsidy fraud.

The Pirates on Sunday also introduced three candidates for the Senate: Libor Michalek, who would be defending his mandate, Prague 12 deputy mayor Eva Tylova, former head of the Czech Environmental Inspection, and economist Lukas Wagenknecht, former deputy finance minister.

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