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Vondráček is only candidate for Chamber of Deputies speaker

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Prague, Nov 20 (CTK) – MP Radek Vondracek (ANO) is the only candidate for the speaker of the lower house of Czech parliament, the house’s electoral commission head Martin Kolovratnik (ANO) told CTK after the deadline for submitting the nominations expired on Monday.

Vondracek was the house’s deputy chairman in the previous election period. The constituent session of the new lower house that started on Monday will take a secret vote on him on Wednesday.

He is likely to win the post since the ANO movement clearly won the October elections, and the Freedom of Direct Democracy (SPD), the Pirates and the Communists (KSCM) promised to support his candidacy. This would mean that Vondracek would win a comfortable majority of 137 votes in the 200-member house.

Originally, Civic Democrat (ODS) leader Petr Fiala also planned to run for lower house speaker, but he withdrew his candidacy last week. He said he did not want to assist to ANO’s bargain with the extremist KSCM and SPD who have a majority in the house if they join forces.

The ODS, Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), TOP 09 and Mayors and Independents (STAN) recently formed the opposition Democratic Bloc and said they would not support Vondracek for the house’s chairman. The Social Democrats (CSSD) have not yet decided on they are going to vote.

On Wednesday, Kolovratnik is to announce the deadline for submitting candidates for the house’s deputy chairpersons. However, the number of the deputy chairpersons has not been set yet.

Vondracek said earlier he would propose that there are five deputy chairpersons. The posts might go to representatives of the ODS, the Pirates, the SPD, the KSCM and the CSSD.

The old lower house had four deputy chairpersons.

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