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Czechs trust Zeman, Kiska most, Merkel, Trump least of all

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Prague, May 22 (CTK) – Czechs consider President Milos Zeman the most trustworthy of world politicians, followed by Slovak President Andrej Kiska and French President Emmanuel Macron, though neither of them is trusted by a majority of people, an April public opinion poll of the CVVM agency has shown.

The politicians who are the most untrustworthy in the eyes of Czechs are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the poll showed.

Like other polls, it confirmed that Zeman divides Czech society. He is trusted by 47 percent of those polled, while another 47 percent said they do not trust him.

Kiska is trusted by one third of Czechs, while 30 percent do not trust him. This is the relatively best result out of all assessed personalities.

Twenty-six percent of the respondents said they trust Macron and 35 percent said they do not trust him.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban ended fourth, trusted by about one quarter of Czechs and mistrusted by another quarter.

About the same number of Czechs trust British PM Theresa May and former Slovak PM Robert Fico, who resigned and was replaced amid a government crisis in March. However, 31 percent of Czechs mistrust May and 45 percent mistrust Fico, the poll showed.

As far as the three world powers’ leaders are concerned, mistrust of them prevails over trust among the Czechs.

Merkel is mistrusted by 70 percent of Czechs, Trump by 67 percent and Putin by 66 percent, the poll showed.

Fico and Trump’s position in this respect has worsened the most of all since the previous similar poll in late 2016. Fico’s trustworthiness in the eyes of Czechs has fallen by 19 percent and Trump’s by 12 percent.

The CVVM conducted the poll on 1,115 respondents on April 7-19.

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