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AfD happy with Babiš’s victory in Czech election

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Berlin, Oct 23 (CTK correspondent) – By choosing Andrej Babis, the Czech Republic has joined the countries that defend themselves against the Brussels policy of refugee redistribution, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) said on Monday.

Babis has understood the worries of his people, the AfD writes after the weekend victory of the ANO which won almost 30 percent of the vote.

“We congratulate Babis on his excellent victory in the Czech Republic,” Alexander Gauland, head of the AfD group in the Bundestag, wrote in a press release.

Germany perceives a clear change in the behaviour of Czech voters, but the Czech Republic is still an important partner for it, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told journalists on Monday.

He said Merkel had not yet congratulated Babis on his victory.

She will wait until the creation of the government, Seibert said.

“The federal government naturally takes into account a clear change in the behaviour of Czech voters,” Seibert told CTK.

European partners now must wait for the creation of a new Czech government, he added.

“The relations between Germany and the Czech Republic are very close, very intimate. The intersection of our, German and Czech, interests, is big. This is why the German government believes that the cooperation, both bilateral and in the EU, will be constructive,” Seibert said.

The head of ANO, which won so clearly in the Czech election, was able to react to the worries and problems of his people by right proposals for a solution, Gauland said.

The Czech Republic is now another country opposing the refugee redistribution quotas, he added.

“With their obstinacy bordering on stupidity in the refugee policy, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and [EC head Jean-Claude] Juncker are outraging an increasing number of minor countries and their population,” writes the AfD, which is heavily opposed to the arrival of migrants, Muslims in particular.

After the September election, the AfD is the third strongest German party.

In the press release, it called on the Visegrad Four countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland) to join the ranks even more against the Brussels policy of refugee redistribution in order to defend more the interests of their population.

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka’s outgoing coalition government rejects the refugee redistribution quotas. Out of its quota of 2,600 migrants, the Czech Republic has only accepted 12.

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