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Pekarová Adamová elected new leader for Top 09

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The new chairman for the Top 09 political party, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, won her party over in a vote 96 to 81 to take over the leadership. Tomáš Czernin, who lost the vote, will replace Adamová in the number two position.

Adamova proclaimed that the awakened civilian population will not allow the country to be lead by the Oligarch-Communist coalition, or other extremist parties. Her priorities will be strongly linked to environmental issues, education and support of business. A strategy of engagement with the population will power Adamová to find solutions for housing, daycare, and an aging population. Adamova went on to say she has answers to the issues, she just needs to offer a better form of communication, rather than Facebook likes or engagement before elections.

The Chairman of STAN party, Vít Rakušan, told reporters that he sees potential in the new leadership and continuing on with coalition work with Top 09 should go smoothly based on past experiences with Adamova.

Adamova also added that it is time for the Czechia to join the Eurozone, including accepting the Euro as the official currency. Although of late the party has been at or near 5% of public votes, she feels that the potential for the party is 12%.

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