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STAN for security check of presidential office head

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Prague, Dec 27 (CTK) – Only a competent person with a clean criminal record who has passed the security clearance of the degree “strictly confidential” should be the head of the Czech Presidential Office, under the draft amendment to the law on the office presented by the Mayors and Independents in the Chamber of Deputies.

If the person does not get the clearance within a year after taking up the post, it would be denied to such a person who would never be allowed to be appointed to it again.

Vratislav Mynar, current head of the Presidential Office, does not have such a clearance.

President Milos Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said the proposal was part of the campaign before the presidential election set for January.

“This is certainly no honest effort. It is obviously the election campaign before the presidential election,” Ovcacek told CTK.

The deputies for STAN say the current legislation regarding the status of the presidential office head is only fragmentary.

The law only says that the person is appointed and dismissed by the president.

The drafters of the legislation say that if it is taken into account how Zeman treats the post, this is not very fortunate.

They argue that the security clearance should be introduced due to the paradoxical state that the subordinates of the office head have it, thanks to which they can be acquainted with the information to which the office head does not have access without the relevant clearance.

Mynar has not gained the security clearance and the National Security Office has also turned down his protest against it.

Mynar wants to turn to a court over the affair.

The STAN’s proposal is first to be reviewed by the government and then by the Chamber of Deputies.

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