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Youth leagues: Play American football in Prague

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The Prague Lions want you! Are you interested in playing American football or are your children interested in playing American football? The Lions are recruiting for their four youth teams: Under 21, Under 18, Under 15 and Under 12. The youngest child is 6 so the there is a place for you if you have the heart of a Lion. Parents – get your kids off the couch and bring your boys and girls for some training!

The Prague Lions have been organizing American football in the city since 1991, they are the original importers of the sport into the Czech Republic; not-withstanding the US Army who played some games in the country after WWII. The Lions also hold the designation as the most successful youth program in American football in the Czech Republic, having won the most championships, and leading the way in developing the game. The senior team is currently the defending Paddock League Champions.

The Lions would love for you to join them at the remaining practices, which are on July 13th and July 16th at 18:00, SK Meteor Kačerov is the field, Za Mlýnem 101, Braník. Contact [email protected] for information. The Lions are committed to quality player development and coaching at all levels! The full contact teams are open for guys and the flag teams are open for guys and girls. We coach in both Czech and English. For full information attend a practice and see what it is all about; experience the sport.

Prague Lion’s Parker and Jeff Rogers write about their experience:

When I was moving from Texas to Prague, I was looking for somewhere where I could fit in, and be around people who were like me: football players. When I first heard about the Prague Lions and the culture and atmosphere that had built their Championship-winning program, I was hooked immediately and could not wait to get the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing program. When I left America, I left behind all of my friends and family, and I was worried that I would have a hard time finding comfort and a family-like atmosphere again. I thought that coming to Prague and not knowing the language would be a huge barrier for me and my ability to find an American football team to play with. However, I was embraced by the Prague Lions Coaches, players, and organization. They made me feel like I was right back at home, playing the game that I love. The language barrier became obsolete as people were willing to step up and help translate for me when the coaches were addressing the players.

Being part of such an amazing program has been an amazing opportunity and has taught me so many lessons along the way. The Prague Lions are dedicated to building a team that strives for excellence in all that they do. The players and coaches alike are always competing to bring out the best in everyone and to be the best American football program in the Czech Republic. Combining a family-like atmosphere with the tough and competitive nature of American football, the Prague Lions have cemented themselves as one of, if not the best football teams in the Czech Republic. Coming off their Czech Bowl Victory, the preparation and thought that has been put into bringing home another Championship has been phenomenal.

Overall, the Prague Lions are an extraordinary team that is dedicated to building up their players into the best team and group of young men that they can possibly be. The family-like atmosphere is second to none, and the competitive football nature allows for the growth and development of players from all age groups. –

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