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Czech News in English » Sport » Prague Lions: Czech Bowl Champions

Prague Lions: Czech Bowl Champions

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Although the Lions, powered by Vanguard Commercial Engines, beat the Ostrava Steelers 29:23 to win their first title in over a decade, the winner of the game was at no point obvious.

Having beat the Lions a few weeks ago during their regular season match, the Steelers kept up with the Lions up to the end. In fact, they were neck-to-neck during each score up to half time: 14:14 – no celebrations started yet. The third quarter started showing a potentially dominant Ostrava Steelers team. Although in yards gained, Ostrava lead, the score was again only evened up to 21:21 as the fourth quarter was coming to the danger zone. Nervousness was setting in and the fans were getting louder with each play: bringing back memories at the Swamp during your coorespondent’s university days in Florida.

Then disaster struck! With five and a half minutes left in the game, Micheal Hays was caught in the endzone, throwing away the ball, ruled on the field as a safety. Precisely the still fresh ruling during the 2016 Czech Bowl which cost the Lions the championship, and made news across the world. The call this time was ruled a safety, and the Steelers took the lead for the first time in the game 23:21, plus possession. Shocked, Lions fans could only watch as the Steelers ran down the clock.

With the Steelers throwing some long balls, they missed on the 4th down handing the ball to the Lions on their own 44 yardline. A great throw guided Kadlec to the one yard line, Lions rushing it in for the winning touchdown! The two point conversion made a clear statement, the Steelers needed a touchdown and extra point to win. With the momentum on the side of the Lions, the defense came through and the first victory celebration since 2006 started.

Congratulations to the whole team and we all wait for even bigger things to come.

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