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Calling female football players: Join the Prague Raptors!

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The Prague Monitor tries to bring its readers relevant information about Prague and the Czech Republic, so when the coaches and organizers of the Prague Raptors asked us to compile an article we were proud to get the chance. The Prague Raptors are looking for female Football talent to grow their successful program NOW! So if you want to play, or if you are looking to support a great program, a franchise with an open attitude, determined to bring equality and an end to discrimination, the Prague Raptors are here for us. Luis, one of the Raptors coaches, sent us an overview and philosophy:

The way a city develops is always reflected in its society and Prague, a city in constant evolution, is experiencing it too. With its ever-growing expat community eager to influence development of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Prague experienced the birth of a football team for those who want to promote their communities within.

The Prague Raptors are a team with a great mixture of locals and expats, promoting cooperation, understanding, equality, fair play and making everyone feel at home. Let’s be clear: this doesn’t translate to low ambition. The ladies’ team aims to gain promotion based on a high level of football, in an always amazing atmosphere. Now is your chance to be part of it!

It doesn’t matter where you are from: help us contribute to the success and social development of this project. We are waiting for you, want to meet you, play with you and have you a part of our team.

Testimonial of one of the Prague Raptors Captains: Carly McCann

The raptors ladies are looking for players to join our family. When I say family, that is truly what I mean. As an American living abroad, I don’t have family here, and when I found the Raptors team that all changed. Honestly, if it weren’t for finding this team, I may not have even stayed in Prague. It was very difficult, dare I say impossible, to find a women’s football team in Prague because I don’t speak Czech. I wasn’t able to play my lifelong hobby competitively. I had found some “just for fun leagues” but was typically one of the only women, if not the only one there, playing with all men.

Two years ago I was approached to join the Lady Raptors team and I was so excited at the opportunity to join an incredibly diverse international group, be part of a club with such amazing values, and play in an 11 a-side league again.

We started from a handful of passionate women ready to create a team, to now, just two years later, fighting for top position in our division. As such an international team, we sadly see people come and go, we lose talent, we gain talent, but the core of the team remains. That’s why we are looking for players for our upcoming season.

As we have grown as a club, so has the expectation of the players we accept to join our team. We are looking for players with not only a love for the game, but also multiple years of football experience, a good knowledge of the game, motivated to help us towards our goal of promotion, and players that fit with our Raptors values. Respect is number one in our club, and that means no matter how good a player is, if they cannot respect the game, the coaches, teammates, referees and even the opponents, they will not be welcome in the Raptors family.

If you are a football player looking for a competitive but still fun atmosphere, on and off the pitch, Raptors may be a good fit for you.

Carly McCann, Luis, Paul

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