HC Sparta Prague has changed its logo! Established in December 1903, the most famous Czech club and bronze medalist in last year’s Tipsport Extraliga will now wear replicas of its first-ever logo. Last season was dedicated to celebrating the club’s 110 anniversary. In the upcoming season, the club is continuing to strengthen the connection with its rich history.

“As we were getting ready for the club ́s 110th anniversary celebrations, we went through a large amount of unique material – photographs, film footage, documents, memories. Suddenly we realized how strong the tradition is and how it was affected particularly in the post-war period, when it was mishandled in the ́50s by different Communist organizations. That ́s why we chose this traditional S as the main part of the logo celebrations and we also used it on an annual “Spartan Day” jerseys against Plzeň, as well as on our ́Sparta pays tribute to ́ jerseys. During the celebrations and in particular at their conclusion, the tradition associated with this logo was strengthened and we felt obligated to continue it,” explains Robert Speychal, Executive Director of Sport Holdings Prague, the corporate umbrella that Sparta operates under.

Hockey Club Sparta was established on 6 December 1903. At first, they were bandy hockey players training on the ice under the auspices of AC Sparta, coached by speed-skater Jaroslav Petrák. The first game was played less than two months after the first session, 31 January 1904 in Mlada Boleslav, with Sparta winning 3-1. The players weren ́t yet wearing jerseys with a big “S” on the front – the first photo where that appears was taken in early 1905. Over time, this symbol began to appear more and more frequently and became an official club logo. In January 1925, the “S” even appeared on the jersey of the Czech national team. Goalie Jan Peka played in the European Championship in Prague wearing his Sparta jersey in every game.

The team ́s rich history continues as the club begins its 11th decade, which is the main reason for reaching into the past to make this change. “The new logo replaces the one we used from the ́90s to the present. It was the most successful era of Sparta ́s history,” says Petr Bříza, Chairman of HC Sparta Prague. “The start of the upcoming season will be symbolic. It ́s been 111 years since the founding of the club, so we ́ve planned, together with the shareholders, this interesting change,” says Bříza. More promotions and activities connected with the history of HCS will continue into the new season.