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Černý: ‘I can take Entropa whenever I want’

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Entropa, the controversial installation by Czech artist David Černý, was to be on display at the EU Council headquarters in Brussels until June when the Czech EU presidency will end. But it will disappear as early as 10 May.

However, it’s not a victory of the critics of the giant artwork showing the stereotypes of individual member states. It’s the author’s wish. “It is a signal for Europe that not all people in the Czech Republic agree with the way the Czech government was removed,” Černý said in an interview with Hospodářské noviny.

Why is Entropa going to be withdrawn from Brussels earlier than planned?
Because I totally disagree with the way the government was removed, it’s a big shame. The people who caused it are irresponsible – hard to say whether daredevils or dummies. In any case, they have caused an embarrassing situation. As far as I know, it’s the President’s fault. I am against. I started working on Entropa assuming that the people in the then government were normal partners. Now that I see the government being composed of former Bolsheviks, I simply do not want them to be connected with me.

But you consented to leave Entropa in Brussels until the end of the presidency…
But that doesn’t matter. I have a contract of lease for CZK 1, so I can take it anytime I want. Moreover, I did not even get that CZK 1.

So your Belgian exhibition will be just one month and twenty days shorter. Isn’t it pointless? This government is not composed of Communist Party members.
But there are many former communists, the Prime Minister is a former communist. And if it’s pointless? Everything is pointless. This is my political declaration, a signal for Europe to know that not all people in our country agree with what this bunch of irresponsible fools did. Even when Klaus said that toppling the government in the middle of the presidency doesn’t mean anything. I think it is a very embarrassing situation for the whole country.

Where are you going to take Entropa?
It will fill a few lorries. When it arrives, Entropa will be installed in Prague’s Galerie Dox in Holešovice. Just for a short time, then we will see. I hope I find a place to display it permanently or sell it.

Do you think you can get another order from the government in future?
That’ll be the day. If some Bolshevik-socialistic government is formed, then I really doubt I would cooperate with the government in any way.

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