Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Life | Prague TV

We want to help our honest friends and their small local business so we made this special episode where we want to introduce our friends Marek, Lenka & David to you.

Life | Prague TV

Matteo de Carli has worked as a chef in Switzerland, Ireland, Dubai and the US, where he extended his knowledge and experience.

Cinema | Prague TV

A wordless family film about a lost insect breaks down the language barrier.

Life | Radio Prague

In a wide-ranging interview the Roman Catholic priest Tomáš Petráček – a leading church and social historian – talks about the pagan, Slavic, communist and Hapsburg influences on the position of the church in Czech society over the centuries.

Arts | Prague TV

British singer Jessie J is performing in Prague at Forum Karlín today.

Arts | Prague TV

The new production of the National Theatre pays tribute to one of the most influential Czech theatre-makers, the playwright, dramaturge, stage director, critic and essayist Karel Hugo Hilar (1885–1935), born Karel Bakule.

Arts | Haaretz/AP

The Czech Philharmonic and other major Czech orchestras will join forces to play a fundraising concert to help restore Notre Dame Cathedral, heavily damaged by a devastating fire.

Arts | Radio Prague

Fans of Antonín Dvořák have a chance to hear a new piece by one of the greatest Czech composers. An artificial intelligence programme called AIVA recently completed a fragment of his piano composition in E-minor.

Life | Brno Daily

A special cyclobus from Brno to Austrian border will start its operation again this spring. People can use this mode of transportation every Saturday, starting from April 27th.

Life | CU Media

David František Wagner on the popularity of the live action hobby and (occasional) art form

Arts | Prague TV

Lucie has decided to pay a tribute to one of the most influental artist of the 20th century, Stevie Wonder. She will sing the most known songs of this superstar with grace and delight.

Arts | Prague TV

Jazz big band, conducted by its founder and composer Milan Svoboda, will play both his own and famous songs in an original arangement.

Life | Prague TV

Eddie Izzard has performed sell out shows across the world from Shanghai to Mumbai including nights at Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl and he now returns to Prague.

Cinema | Prague TV

The 54th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival runs June 28 to July 6 at the West Bohemian spa town of the same name. The main graphic for this year's festival was unveiled, and it is an optical illusion that shows the number 54 from a distance, but looks like a series of parallel lines up close.

Cinema | Radio Prague

Czech That Film, an annual festival of contemporary Czech films, is currently underway across the United States and Canada.