Sunday, 29 March 2020
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Exploring self-expression one glue stick (and one English class) at a time

Arts | Radio Prague

Czech artists and people from the cultural sphere have been looking for ways to boost public morale in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Those artists who saw their concerts cancelled are streaming them from their homes, actors have recorded video spots, while galleries are offering viewings of their exhibitions online to the millions stuck at home for an unspecified period of time.

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The closure of theaters as part of the measures to stop the coronavirus has hit the arts community particularly hard. The National Theatre encourages people to donate, Prague Shakespeare Company raises funds for local artists.

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When Prague expat Angela Prince ordered a sewing machine awhile back she had no idea she'd be using it straight out of the box to stitch face masks for friends and neighbors to wear as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.

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Tension: The one word that could best define the current situation all inclusive. Whether it's between your loved ones at home, in the streets, or growing between your neighbors or colleagues, tension is everywhere.

Life | Sport | Radio Prague

The 32nd Olympic Games, which had been set for Tokyo this July and August, have been put back by at least a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. What does the world's biggest sporting postponement to date mean for the Czech Republic's athletes? And how hard has it hit the Czech Olympic Committee's budget?

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The global pandemic again makes clear the crucial importance of reporting on effective responses.

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Discover the youthful spirit of the Czech Republic's second city, with its quirky attractions and a surprising gastronomic scene.

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A unique Czech-made documentary aims to capture how people here in the Czech Republic and around the world are spending their time in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is 10 days in lock-down and we have chewed through everything we would really enjoy. The rest of the bags of stuff in storage are only in case the world ends. We are going to the store tomorrow. Where is my skull face-mask?

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How three former RAF pilots escaped communist Czechoslovakia by hijacking civilian planes.

Life | Radio Prague

March 25 is the 75th anniversary of the final bombardment of Prague by the Allies during World War II. Whereas previous bombings had been accidental, this time the US air raids were targeted at strategic sites in the east of the city.

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Člověče, nezlob se! board game can be a nice metaphor for the coronavirus pandemic.

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The work from home is getting challenging. It's one thing having a Friday "home-office" where you take calls from bed, plan simple organizational projects, and go out for a nice long lunch. A different story being squeezed into an apartment with your wife and kids at their mercy.

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In an effort to stay connected with the public, the National Museum has started offering virtual tours of some of its current exhibitions online through its website.