Sunday, 25 October 2020
Life | Prague Daily Monitor

The clock will be moved one hour back on October 25, at 3:00 a.m., making the night one hour longer. The Czech Republic and most of the European countries are changing to wintertime.

Life | Brno Daily

With regard to the epidemic situation, this Christmas in Brno will be different from what visitors have been used to in previous years, but it won't completely lose its magic.

Life | Brno Daily

The voluntary cooperation of municipalities on the Brno–Vienna Cycling Trail replaced the missing signposts on the Austrian section of the Brno–Vienna international cycle path, from Laa an der Thaya to Mistelbach.

Arts | Bluegrass Today

Evidence for the influence of bluegrass music in eastern Europe grows more obvious by the day, as we hear and see music from former communist countries that rivals anything produced here in the States.

Arts |

The French native is the principal harpist for the State Opera, a position that is extraordinarily difficult to come by.

Life | Radio Prague

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the young Czech-English photographer Ray Baseley travelled throughout Europe shooting festivals music and shows for pioneering electronic music giants such as The Chemical Brothers and New Order. But his day job, so to speak, has long been as a coordinator for various civic initiatives and political protest groups.

Life | Honest Guide

Every tourist wants the same picture - and that causes a problem. Here's how overtourism destroyed a square in Prague. So when the global lockdown came - Honest Guides decided to fix it.

Arts | Radio Prague

A statue of the 18th century Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa, who was also the only queen of Bohemia, was officially unveiled in Prague on Tuesday. The large minimalist-style statue, which resembles a large bell, stands in a newly-established park bearing the Empress's name in the vicinity of Prague Castle.

Cinema | Prague Daily Monitor

The first Czech film I've seen so far that touches upon the Vietnamese-Czech experience is Jiří Mádl's On the Roof, a touching comedy that focuses on the growing friendship between a lonely old man and a desperate young immigrant.

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Some of the Czech Republic's top theaters are now streaming their performances on the newly launched platform called Dramox, with English subtitles on the way.

Life | Radio Prague

A new museum dedicated to architecture has recently opened in Kladno, presenting a visionary housing project from the 1950s. The unique project was designed by Josef Havlíček, a representative of the most avant-garde trends in the Czechoslovak interwar architecture.

Arts | Phys.Org

A Madonna and Child painting with a history almost as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa's smile has been identified as an authentic Raphael canvas by Czech company InsightART, which used a robotic X-ray scanner to investigate the artwork.

Life | Brno Daily

After a cold and rainy period, a warm southern current will arrive in the Czech Republic, bringing afternoon highs of up to 18°C. Another change in the weather, bringing precipitation, will come with the crossing of a cold front on Friday.

Cinema | Radio Prague

Few outside of the Pilsen region know the tale of the outlaw Oldřich of Sukořín, who battled the Brandenburgs from a forest stronghold. The legend has long captivated the imagination of Leoš Kastner, a young Czech filmmaker from the region now shooting a historical drama financed through crowdfunding.

Arts | Transitions Online

A conversation with author Katerina Tuckova, whose novel, soon to appear in English, addresses the postwar expulsion and mass murder of the Czech Germans.