Monday, 21 April 2014
Life | Prague Wandering

"Could an hour of blindness open your eyes?" That is the question of Prague's riveting "Invisible Exhibition", an interactive showcase which thrusts visitors into the dark. Originally billed to run at New Town Hall until April, the exhibition has since extended its stay indefinitely due to its popularity among locals and tourists alike.

Life | Radio Prague

Three years ago Prague Zoo launched its biggest conservation project to date – helping to save the Przewalski horse from extinction.

Arts | ČTK

A collection of Alfons Mucha's posters, assembled by former tennis star Ivan Lendl, may be put on display in China at the end of the year and in the future, it may be permanently installed in Prague, the new owner said.

Dining | Prague Wandering

A new movement is afoot in the Czech Republic to raise the profile of traditional Czech cuisine, both going back to pre-communist recipes that were big on quality and using a modern approach to presentation.

Life | Prague Wandering

Delving into public displays of (over)affection.

Cinema | Prague TV

As Dr. Will Caster works towards creating an omniscient machine, a radical anti-technology organization tries to sabotage him in the action movie Transcendence.

Half-n-half | Prague Daily Monitor

When your child dreams in a language not your mother tongue

Arts | ČTK

An exhibition of Czech graphic artist Bohuslav Reynek is opening today in the Prague Castle Riding Hall.

Life | Kids in Prague

In Prague the Easter markets are well underway and full of spring flowers, coloured easter eggs, traditional sweet treats, pomlázka whips and more.

Life | Radio Prague

Plans are afoot to turn a former railroad freight station in the Prague district of Žižkov into a new cultural hub. Architecture critic Adam Gebrian thinks the plan could work nicely for part of the complex, but definitely not for the whole.

Life | Prague Wandering

You typically can't drink beer in the classroom or in your office, but up until March you could potentially get plastered in the Czech Parliament and still be responsible for votes that would determine the country's future.

Life | ČTK

A granite memorial plaque dedicated to Habsburg Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898) was accidentally found during the reconstruction of the National Stud Farm in Kladruby after 100 years, its director Jiri Machek told CTK Wednesday.

Dining | Prague TV

It's no secret that the most popular dishes in the Czech Republic are those containing meat and dumplings. For those who don't eat animals, or are just looking for a meat-free option, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants across Prague, most of which are non-smoking.

Arts | ČTK

Businessman Richard Fuxa has bought a very valuable collection of 116 posters by Czech art nouveau artist Alfons Mucha from legendary tennis player Ivan Lendl, Czech Radio has reported.

Arts | Prague TV

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is hosting an exhibition of a Chinese poet and photographer Liu Xia through June 9th. Liu Xia is a banned artist in China, her work shows an unsettling hidden reality of Chinese oppression and censorship.