Thursday, 23 January 2020
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Jamie Cullum does not need an extensive introduction, anywhere. He is coming to Prague to play a Colours Selection Concert at O2 Universum, in Prague, on 12.5.2020. And not introducing such a successful music career would be a shame so we will sum up the majors.

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If 2020 is the year you promised yourself you'd master the Czech language, then it's time to get out there and speak it! Here's how.

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The Gay Agenda is a stand-up comedy show created in Prague in April 2019 by Jackson Smith, an American English teacher with stand-up aspirations. So far there have been four sold-out shows with the biggest and, according to the California native, best, to come on January 25.

Cinema | Romea

On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January, the documentary film "LETY" will be screened at BIO OKO in Prague, followed by a discussion among invited guests on the broader context of the Holocaust of the Roma in Bohemia.

Arts | The Jerusalem Post

The Bell of Treason should command the attention of anyone interested in the origins of World War II.

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The seven songs vying to represent the Czech Republic at this year's Eurovision Song Contest have been announced. The winner will again be selected from a combination of public voting and an international jury.

Arts | Brno Daily

BEST divadlo will present the third show this season starting January 27th. Barefoot in the Park is a romantic comedy written in 1963 by Neil Simon.

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The Prague Monitor fundraising drive continues. On Friday we will summarize the first week of fundraising.

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For the first time ever the Czech-Taiwanese Association will host a public Lunar New Year's Eve dinner

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Hit the ice! This weeks sees a family-friendly festival devoted to ice sculpture as well as a week devoted to future NHL stars in Prague.

Life | Radio Prague

When the first set of automatic traffic lights appeared on the streets of Prague ninety years ago, they were not well received.

Life | Radio Prague

Philosopher Jan Sokol was an MP in the early 1990s, served as Czech education minister and lost in the final round of voting for president in 2003. Barred from studying under the Communists, Professor Sokol came to philosophy via his father-in-law Jan Patočka, an early signatory of Charter 77. In the first part of a two-part interview, he discusses Patočka's death, the achievements of Charter 77 – which he also signed – and the Velvet Revolution.

Life | Radio Prague

Czech interest in African American culture goes back to the 19th century. This long and fascinating connection is the subject of the ninth programme in our series looking at aspects of Czech and Czechoslovak history through the sound archives.

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The 13th edition of the Eiga-sai has Japanese films that embrace the motto "Never give up!"

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Kick (and stomp and roll) away the winter blues with a week full of out-loud fun in the Czech capital.