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Czech Republic: A country in need of a government

Emerging Europe |
31 May 2018

While Italy grabs headlines around the world with its inability to form a new government, it is the Czech Republic which is currently Europe's champion at failing to put in place an executive. Parliamentary elections took place in October 2017, but the country is still without a new government.

Pirate MP apologises over approval of Communist poet for state honour

Radio Prague |
30 May 2018

The Pirate Party's deputy chairman of the lower house, Vojtěch Pikal, has apologised for his party's involvement in the approval of Communist poet Karel Sýs for a state honour. MPs from the Communists, ANO, Freedom and Direct Democracy, the Social Democrats and the Pirates backed a proposed list of 28 honours candidates, including Mr. Sýs. Mr. Pikal said he had failed to look closely at the nominees.

Little surprise over Zeman's plan to reappoint Babis before CSSD vote outcome

Radio Prague |
30 May 2018

Representatives of a number of parties in the lower house say they have not been surprised by President Miloš Zeman's announcement that he will appoint Andrej Babiš of ANO prime minister for the second time soon. He aims to do so prior to the conclusion of an internal ballot of Social Democrats on whether they should enter coalition with ANO.

President seeks to again name Babiš as prime minister by mid-June

Reuters |
29 May 2018

Czech President Miloš Zeman plans to name Andrej Babis as prime minister for a second time before the middle of June, he told Czech Television on Monday, a move to speed up the formation of a new government. Babiš's centrist ANO party struck a coalition agreement with the center-left Social Democrats this month that is still subject to approval by rank-and-file Social Democrat members.

Czech minister: We cannot automatically rule out extremist proposals

The Slovak Spectator |
29 May 2018

Politicians only pretend to solve citizens' problems and I cannot do this, outgoing Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický tells Sme.

TOP 09 proposing tougher punishment for animal cruelty

Radio Prague |
28 May 2018

The opposition TOP 09 party is proposing tougher punishment for cruelty against animals. Party leader Jiří Pospísil told reporters the respective amendment was ready and the party would seek support for it across the political spectrum.

Civic Democrats stress need to safeguard democracy

Radio Prague |
28 May 2018

The Czech Republic is a step away from its first semi-communist government since 1989 and the Civic Democrats will strive to offset its influence from the opposition benches, party leader Petr Fiala said at the Civic Democrats' ideological conference in Libeznice, near Prague.

ANO has no Plan B if Social Democrats reject coalition deal

Radio Prague |
28 May 2018

The ANO party does not have a Plan B in the event that the Social Democrats reject entering into a coalition with it in their party referendum, ANO deputy leader Richard Brabec said in a debate on Czech Television on Sunday.

Zeman: Hamáček broke deal on not nominating Poche foreign minister

Radio Prague |
25 May 2018

President Miloš Zeman says Social Democrats leader Jan Hamáček went back on an agreement between the two to not nominate Miroslav Poche as minister of foreign affairs in a possible coalition with ANO. Speaking on TV on Thursday evening, Mr. Zeman said that Mr. Poche – whom he called an amateur – cast doubt on two pillars of Czech foreign policy: opposition to EU quotas on migrants and a pro-Israel policy.

Brother of far-right party leader running for Christian Democrats

24 May 2018

Czech-Japanese Hayato Okamura, older brother of anti-EU far right Freedom and Direct Democracy's (SPD) leader Tomio Okamura, will run for the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) in the autumn Senate elections, KDU-CSL spokeswoman Denisa Morgensteinova told CTK on Wednesday.

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