In the last TV debate, which will be broadcasted by TV Nova on Thursday evening, the leaders of the three strongest parties and coalitions will meet. That is, the leader of the ANO political movement Andrej Babiš, the leader of the SPOLU coalition Petr Fiala and the leader of the PirSTAN coalition Ivan Bartoš. The advertised main topics of the discussion should be covid, economics, foreign policy and climate change. In particular, the topics of possible further lockdowns, the recent price increases or the EU Green Deal should be explored. Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic are held every four years. 200 deputies are elected. This year’s elections will take place on OctoberContinue Reading

On September 3rd, the Pandora Papers agency informed about some shady activities of the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš. The leaked document reports that the leading politician was involved in unlawful money distribution, also labeled as money laundering by a number of specialists. To be exact, the Prime Minister used his own offshore companies to invest in multiple private properties in France worth nearly 400 million Czech crowns. Two mentioned corporations were founded by Andrej Babiš in 2009. Later that year, he transferred the sum from one company to the other and provided himself with a great loan. According to the information revealed by the International consortium of investigative journalists, who created the Pandora Papers, Babiš bought sixteen luxurious buildings,Continue Reading

According to the Pandora Papers, a recent project of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) used almost 400 million crowns of questionable origin through his offshore companies to buy real estate on the French Riviera, including the Chateau Bigaud. The ICIJ is an independent international network of more than 200 investigative journalists and 100 media organizations in over 70 countries, and their work is highly respected across the world. Their newest project, alliterating to the Panama Papers, also revealed hidden riches of world leaders and billionaires, including that of the Czech PM. The PM is defending himself, partly rejecting all the claims presented in the leak, but also partly pointing out that hisContinue Reading

For most of its modern history, electricity generation has been associated exclusively with large companies. However, Europe is increasingly moving towards decentralization of power generation. Across the continent, independent communities building their own sources of power are emerging. These communities are attractive to environmentally responsible homeowners, as they largely focus on producing electricity with the use of renewable resources. European legislation also takes them into account. In the Czech Republic, however, community energy is still in its infancy. Key laws regulating this activity are missing, and compared to the rest of the EU, a large part of people do not support renewable resources, thus they do not want to form energetic cooperatives. According to Pavel Franc, head of the FrankContinue Reading

On September 27th, A Million Moments for Democracy organized demonstrative happenings in a number of cities across the Czech Republic. On Monday morning, many Czech citizens woke up to find several objects throughout their city surrounded by tapes with a writing “confiscated by ANO-FERT” on the plastic. The organization wanted to alert the society about the growing influence of the ANO/Agrofert holding on Czechia, which will continue to increase if the ANO political party wins a majority of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech parliament and if the current Prime Minister remains in his post after the upcoming elections. To show political disagreement, volunteers for the Million Moments circled bus stops, statues and fountains in overContinue Reading

According to the Kantar agency, which recently performed an election survey for the Czech Television, the current main government party ANO might not be in the government during the next term. After months of a steady lead, the political party’s preferences fell down to 24.5 percent, which might not grant them a sufficient number of seats in parliament to form a new government. This is the case because the two runner ups, SPOLU and PirSTAN, have vowed that they will not form a government with ANO to their voters. Thus, ANO would have to pair up with smaller parties, but they might not have enough seats to get a majority in the parliament. On the other hand, the two aforementionedContinue Reading

The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is publicly known to be the center of several questionable cases. The European Commission published a final report in April 2021. According to the document, the Prime Minister is in a conflict of interest, because he has power over the Agrofert holding even after investing it in trust funds and at the same time takes part in the  decisions regarding the distribution of EU subsidies. Andrej Babiš contradicts the accusation. The European Commission has requested the Czech government to submit a report on how the control of conflicts of interest in the distribution of European grants has improved. The EU branch has previously warned the Czech government that if the control over the fundingContinue Reading

Tuesday marked the President’s 8th day in the Central Military Hospital in Prague, and it is more than likely he will stay at least a day longer. Zeman’s wife and Chancellor Vratislav Mynář visited Zeman again on Tuesday. Vladimír Kruliš, the head of the protocol of the presidential office, also came to the president, bringing two large baskets of flowers. While the day of the President’s release from the hospital still officially remains a mystery, the president has reportedly scheduled a couple of meetings with other politicians on Wednesday. Thus it is possible that he could be released soon. On Wednesday, Zeman has scheduled meetings with Finance Minister Alena Schillerová, ODS leader Petr Fiala and SPD chairman Tomio Okamura. ODSContinue Reading

SPD is one of the political parties in the current election campaign battle for seats in the Czech Parliament. One of their main campaign strategies was organising ‘farmers markets’ in Czech regional cities over the course of August and September. Throughout this time, the political party was quite secretive about the origins of these groceries. Nevertheless, due to the extremely low prices at the markets, many likely had a hunch that these products do not come from small farmers. Two crowns for an egg or ten crowns for a kilogram of apples is simply not an attractive retail price for small local farmers. Now, new information has been discovered, which confirms the suspicion that much of the products sold atContinue Reading

As the Prague Monitor previously reported, the Czech President Miloš Zeman is currently being treated in the Military University Hospital in Prague. However, up until now, the media could only speculate about the President’s condition since Jiří Ovčáček, the President’s spokesman, was reluctant to give away any details. The newest information finally released on the Prague Castle web presents that the President is for now not endangered by any serious diseases. In the announcement, Ovčáček writes that upon his arrival to the hospital on Tuesday, the doctors performed thorough medical examinations of the President including CT, sonography and blood sampling. The observations did not reveal any disturbing news. Zeman’s diabetes levels are within the medical standards. According to the doctors,Continue Reading