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Czech News in English » Business » Gov't offices "in flames": Greenpeace against Czechia blocking carbon neutrality

Gov’t offices “in flames”: Greenpeace against Czechia blocking carbon neutrality

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Czech PM Andrej Babiš plans on probably being the only leader from the European Union to block the carbon neutrality agreement, which would help the world avoid a drastic increase in average temperatures, and make millions of people move to survive. The goal is for each country to release only as much carbon as it stores each year.

The EU countries are part of the 195 countries that signed the Paris Climate Accord. In order for the Accord to be successful, a vital part of it is carbon neutrality of the European Union countries. Activists are increasing awareness to Babiš’s planned veto and three days before the summit have made a light show on the government offices showing them in flames.

In the beginning Poland, Hungary and Estonia were also agains the carbon neutrality goal, but have since abaided. Czechia stands alone, but is also using the debate to ask the EU to bend subsidy rules for nuclear power plants which the country wants to build. Greenpeace is concerned that if the EU cannot commit to the goals, it can hardly expect poorer countries to fulfill their pledges.

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