Manifesto Andel is keeping its winter-proof heated space and is open daily throughout winter, offering a varied program that pairs well with dinner or drinks. Following a series of film screenings and silent discos, acoustic music sets and a Brazilian evening are planned in the coming weeks. On January 30th, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Manifesto will invite families to join a matinée full of workshops and activities themed around the Year of the Tiger. Creative activities will allow guests to learn about the most important holiday celebrated across Asia that is also near and dear to many colleagues from Manifesto’s restaurants and core team alike. They will create puppets, origami-decorated envelopes, and learn what they areContinue Reading

Bars and restaurants are experiencing drastically lower revenues without being able to bring customers inside. According to Edenred CEO Nicolas Eich, the number of lunchtime transactions for restaurants is sitting at 39% of the revenue before the lockdown restrictions, and significantly worse than May 11 2020 when restaurant gardens opened up after the first lockdown. Edenred, who provides benefit cards or “stravenky” commonly used by employers, says their figures show just how severe the hit to bars and gastronomy have been despite all their efforts. “We’ve implemented extensive cashback programs and at the same time, we enable restaurants to directly communicate their offers to hundreds of thousands of users. We regret that this important sector of the economy is beingContinue Reading


The ManaBurger was voted Plant Product of the Year in a poll hosted by, a Czech initiative that helps producers, supermarkets, and restaurants bring new plant foods to market. This is the second time that a meat alternative has won the poll. The ManaBurger dethroned last year’s winner, a vegan ground meat produced by Next Level Hack. The enormous spike in interest in plant-based alternatives to meat has been confirmed by hard data; the sale thereof in Europe has increased by two thirds in the last two years. The demand for plant products is growing year on year. According to data from the Smart Protein Project, collected using Nielsen MarketTrack from 11 European countries, including Austria, Germany, and Poland,Continue Reading

One of the ways in which the Czechs lead the entire world is their strict dedication to delicious Christmas pastries. “Vánoční cukroví,” or “Christmas cookies” in English, are not just a comforting indulgence for the holidays, but an important skill and social custom that bonds people together. With the amount of love they put into it, it’s rude and selfish to turn down a Czech grandma who offers you cukroví, so don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re already full, on a diet, or diabetic. You better grab at least 3 of those cookies. Usually, vánoční cukroví come in large assortments so choosing which one you want can be nerve-wracking. To help narrow things down, here are theContinue Reading