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Czech plant-based beef burger from Mana now served in Belzepub in Zizkov

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Prague based Mana, a fully nutritional alternative foods company, continued its expansion and expanded availability of the Manaburger – the plant-based burger patty developed, invented and produced in the Czech Republic.

In December, The Prague Monitor was invited and tried the tasty Manaburger at the official launch party. The Mana e-shop started taking pre-orders for the product soon after, and to date have passed their first milestone of 100.000 burger patties sold! And we know why: they have a near identical texture to a real beef patty, superior taste, nutritious, and ensure a guilt-free feeling of burger extravagance. In addition, as per our original article in December, the burger is very healthy and has a minimum impact on the environment – a key parameter for those that want to support sustainability and quality living.

Yesterday evening the Belzepub in Zizkov launched official sales of the burger on their menu. I had the zesty Chiliburger which included a well-balanced choice of toppings, with some zest, on a homemade vegan bun. Truth is I ate it too fast to make note of all the toppings, but be sure to stop at Belzepub and try one on your own. The great patty taste of the Manaburger is still the main highlight of the sandwich. The staff at the pub are friendly, the fries are crispy and the beer is cold.

Jakub Krejcik, co-founder of Mana, stood proud as he announced “We worked on the development of the burger for nearly three years. We searched for the best ingredients and a unique production process from which we bring, as the first producer in the world, a nutritiously complete plant-based meat alternative. We developed a burger which tastes great and has a real meat structure, while minimizing ecological impact, and energy use half that of beef production. The main success is we developed a plant-based burger which fulfills the ideally balanced nutritious values which a person needs. I am convinced that the Manaburger is the healthiest plant based burger in the world.”

The Belzepub has been transformed over the past eight years from a typical Czech pub, to a restaurant which sells many plant-based food items. The pub is an institution in this regard in Zizkov, and the Manaburger will add to the offerings in this sphere. It is also one of the few pubs left in the city where the husband works in the kitchen and the wife runs the front of the house. A truly family-run business who understand what their customer wants.

Since the end of May, the burgers are also available on, one of the online supermarket’s operating in the country. This makes ordering the burgers for home preparation easier as the logistics and minimum order requirement from Mana’s e-shop can be prohibiting for those wanting smaller orders with faster delivery. Packs of four-burgers are available on the e-shop.

The Mana team is busy developing its expansion. At the Prague Monitor, we hope that there are more launches to attend soon.

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Paul Lysek

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