One of the most popular travel destinations for Czechs during the summer is making its rules stricter yet again. Croatia has recently announced that it will not let anyone who has been vaccinated more than 210 days ago without a covid test inside its borders. This means that in late August, those who have been vaccinated in the first days of vaccination in the Czech Republic will need an additional test. This has stirred up major discontent, especially among families of front line workers, who were prioritized in the vaccination process, and also need their well earned first vacation in 2 years the most. Austria has adopted a similar restriction, although it has set the ‘expiry date’ of the vaccineContinue Reading

As per last week’s announcements from Minister of Health Vojtěch, the Czech covid-19 restrictions regarding travel are going to change on Friday July 9th. Testing will be mandatory after return from anywhere abroad for those who are not vaccinated or have not had the disease recently. Everyone coming back from their summer trips will also have to fill out a covid-19 arrival form. Only those coming back from high-risk countries or extremely high-risk countries will need to self-isolate. Employers will be charged with not letting anyone, who has come from abroad but did not get tested, come into work.Continue Reading

Despite some travel outside the Czech Republic being possible this summer, many have chosen to spend this summer in our beautiful country. With national holidays at the start of the week, many have flooded tourist hotspots around the country. While destinations like castles and museums celebrate a good start to the season, workers of the national parks were worried about the damage a sudden influx of tourists who have spent a lot of time inside for the past two years could do. In the past they have had many problems with poorly behaved, drunk tourists during national holidays.  Photos from Sněžka (1603 m above sea level), the tallest mountain in the nation only confirm that this week will finally beContinue Reading