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Failing travel restrictions

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It seems Czech travel restrictions are a joke to some. According to Seznam Zprávy, some Czechs are getting out of the country by car, just to fly to an exotic destination with high risk or even extremely high risk of covid-19 transfer from an airport outside the country. Thus, when they return back to the Czech Republic by driving their car back from the foreign airport, they do not undergo any strict documentation checks or checks of their subsequent self-isolation, as they would if they arrived at a Czech airport instead. This does not come as a shock to many, as the land border patrols within the Schengen zone are not capable of filtering incoming tourists as well as airport border officers. However, the arrival of these tourists is posing an equal, if not higher, threat to other Czech citizens. As further variants of the virus that basically stopped the globe from spinning in 2020 spread, even those who are vaccinated are at a slight risk of contracting the disease, with those who are not, sometimes at a direct threat to their life. However, some people simply value a definite possibility of a vacation in a dream destination for themselves more, than their potential ability to murder hundreds.

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