The German low-cost airline Eurowings will open their new air base in Prague in the autumn, from which they will fly to 11 locations. They will hire more than a hundred employees. According to the company, there is great interest in job openings within the airline, with up to 6,000 applicants applying. The airline wants to focus mainly on regular flights from and to Prague. Jen Bischof, CEO of Eurowings, spoke to Czech media on Monday: “We are enthusiastic about such a response and the strong interest that our job offers have been met with in the Czech Republic,” said Bischof. The company is now conducting successive interviews. New employees will then be trained, while crews from Vienna will takeContinue Reading

Even though our country does not boast any mountains large enough to attract the lovers of extreme mountain climbing, many Czechs are still in love with this sport and travel far and wide to defeat the peaks of large stone formations across the world. However, sometimes they can get in quite a lot of trouble, just like two Czech climbers just did with their guide on the Rakaposhi in Pakistan. Towering 7,788 metres above sea level, Rakaposhi is quite a formidable challenge, being the 27th tallest mountain on earth. The group has got stuck about 6,900 metres high up, and have requested rescue. The group did reach the mountaintop earlier this week, but they were stopped during their descend byContinue Reading

When vacations had to be unexpectedly cancelled due to covid-19 in 2020, many travel agencies offered their customers vouchers for the summer of this year, which they could use to pay for their vacation this year. The fact that they did not instantly lose all money to refunds helped these companies a lot, so they kept their word and took most of their customers who received a voucher for a vacation already. Out of the 2.5 billion crowns worth of vouchers handed out last year, just 200 million crowns’ worth is reportedly left unused. Those vouchers, that were handed out based on the 2020 lex voucher law will have to be refunded by travel agencies. Those which were not haveContinue Reading

On Tuesday August 31st, Czech meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute expect heavy rainfall to strike most of the country. Border regions with mountains are expected to receive the most rainfall, with as much as 90 litres per metre squared expected in Jizerské hory, Krkonoše, Jeseníky and Beskydy. This will more than likely elevate the levels of rivers which flow through these regions, so minor flooding could come throughout the day. Moreover, this rain is expected to impact all drivers heavily. Such volumes of water falling from the sky are expected to make most drainage systems overflow soon, so water will be present on the streets. Thus, all drivers should expect low visibility and high risks of aquaplaning, as moreContinue Reading

This July, the Václav Havel International Airport in Prague allowed 605 000 passengers to reach their desired destinations. Compared to July 2020, it is 140% more passengers that got to meet their families, reach their jobs, or just explore the world thanks to the complex in Ruzyně. Still, it is just a third of the traffic the airport was used to before the pandemic. Some are still too afraid of the disease to spend hours in the confined space of the plane, others don’t have the economic means for plane travel after losing their jobs, and others just cannot be bothered with the staggering amount of bureaucracy connected to attempting to travel anywhere these days. Planes carried passengers most frequentlyContinue Reading

Czech citizens were returning from their vacation in Italy, organized by the Czech tour company Čedok. Unfortunately, the last hours of their trip were disturbed by some unexpected events. On Saturday morning around 6:30am, August 21st, as the bus was exiting the highway in Lower Bavaria District in Germany, it suddenly overturned and crashed by the side of the road. Despite some speculations that the 57 years old Czech man, who was the driver of the bus, had gone into microsleep, the exact cause of the accident is still to be determined. The German police are certain that no other vehicles were a part of the accident. Nevertheless, the investigation is not yet concluded. The bus had 36 passengers onContinue Reading

If you are looking for a travel tip in the centre of the Czech Republic, read closely. The allegedly ‘magical’ spring of St. Anne near Pohled is full of water again after a 5 year pause. The water stopped running from the natural spring half a decade ago, after 130 years of serving the locals. These people were devastated when their spring stopped running due to ongoing droughts in the Czech Republic. At one point in the past few years, the well of the spring also got contaminated with faecal bacteria, which seemed like the final blow to the possibility of the spring ever delivering water again. Nevertheless, the spring is now miraculously functional again, the bacteria are gone, andContinue Reading

From today to Monday August 2nd, citizens from the Czech Republic won’t be able to apply for a new ID card if they need it. Due to a European Union normative, starting next week all the ID cards and passports have to have biometric data to enhance their cybersecurity. This implementation aims to make these documents safer to avoid potential counterfeiting and thefts. “The identity card will now be safer and we will still be able to travel around Europe without having to carry a passport. I recommend citizens to check the validity of their documents to avoid inconveniences, for example when going on vacation” stated the Interior Minister Jan Hamáček (ČSSD). August will bring Czechs a new card thatContinue Reading

A train owned by the Czech company Regiojet full of Czech tourists got stuck for 11 hours on Sunday night in Hungary, due to a malfunction in the train’s engine. The train departing from the Czech Republic was headed for Split, Croatia. Many of its passengers were Czech families looking forward to a pleasant vacation by the sea. Instead they were met with 11 hours of misinformation, chaos and worry. Some passengers even resorted to contacting the owner of the company via email. They have criticized the supposed lack of preparation by the company for malfunctions on their trains. For a private company trying to outclass the Czech national rail company, an incident like this could be very devastating. OnContinue Reading